Friday, February 27, 2009

SomeTHREE are getting old.

Hahahahhahahahhaah! Get it??? SomeTHREE! Instead of someONE!!!
Okay, no one's laughing but that's probably only because you didn't get my joke!
To get it continue reading :D

Reading the rest does not make this joke any less lame than it already is.

Anyway, on the 25th of February -that's a Tuesday for those who don't own calendars- we celebrated the birthday of a very important person in my life.
Who is that ah? Your grandma ah?

No, but she very well could be! XD
It's Yau Hui Min!

And doesn't she look excited??? :D

But wait! Don't you wanna know why I said someTHREE???
I'm sure you don't but I'll tell you anyway.
The very next day, was the ultra-special twins's - Xin Ling and Zhou Ling- birthday too!
How cool is that?

So three of my friends celebrated their birthdays within two days!

Why am i so fascinated by this?
Maybe I'm born like this.
Maybe it's Maybelline.

Anyway, on the subject I like most...
Getting to know yau, getting to know all about yau.
When I'm with yau, getting to know what to say.


Try again, Christine.

*deep breath*

What is a Yau in my definition?

A "special" bimbotic, nerd who is damn kiasu and has an ego the size of Russia.
Or China. Whichever's bigger.

But on the other hand, Yau is also a bootilicious, optimistic, fun-loving friend who never fails to make me laugh at her goofiness. :D

Oh yea and I forgot something.
Her smile lights up the room :D


Like literally as well as metaphorically speaking. What with all that metal...

Now as it is her birthday week, of course I must put some unglam pics of her on my blog so we can laugh with her. Not AT her. :D

Just some of the good times:-

Cheer '08.

Cheryl's birthday. :D

Last day of school.

Eating chicken wings.

Anyway, since she is so special, like of course we'll do a celebration for her at school!
Since she ain't having a party. :(

Anyway, we bought her a cake and kept it in Jarrod's class so it would be a surprise.
Surprisingly, she did not even suspect anything when all of a sudden, we didn't care about booking the table we sit at everyday and instead were stalling with some stupid maths questions.

Of course, we sang her a birthday song and everyone got caked.

Cake in hair,
cake in face,
and some cake on Yau's Rm100 specially-tailored baju kurung.

But hey, she didn't mind!

Cheers to Yau!
and a Happy New Year! Birthday!