Sunday, December 21, 2008

The magical wonders of China :)

Warning:The photos I am about to post will probably have none of the interesting buildings you would like to see of China but rather, lots of unglam shots I like to laugh at.

Hello friends! It has been bloody long since my last post so I'm going to bore you to death enlighten you with a very long post about my magical experiences at China! Yay!
Aren't you excited?

But just to warn you, this post is a little messed up because there are SO MANY photos.
And I forgot how to blog now, too. :(

First let me introduce my buddy for the trip:

Cousin DoDo Jojo!

nice hat, Jo.

Her duty as my buddy is to stick with me practically everywhere so we won't get lost. :D
Which happens to me alot as most of you know

now, more cousins!

and more!


yes im bundled up like a panda because the temperature can go as low as -7 degrees celcius!

Even the water that condenses on the window of the bus freezes up!

That's real ice, my friends.

And that's the inside of the bus!

Anyhoo, I'll start from the top.

Welcome to ShenZhen Airport! (transiting through here)

this is just an excuse to pose, people.

yes unfortunately, we have to wait like 4 hours for our flight.
What do people do when they are bored and have extra time?


And there are pictures for proof!

"Really? Lemme see them!"

Sure thing!
(this is not considered talking to myself, this is talking to pictures! It's not the same!)

Hmm... should i shame them by putting their names?

Mei GuMa*
*That means aunty.

Peng GuMa

Wah GuMa

I know its rude but we all call her different things so her real name is most appropriate.

Wen Khyn.


Shyn Yi


and his wife.

And then there are those who try to be as cool as these sleepers, but just don't get it.

Like Wen Tjun...

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Looking at him makes me dizzy!

And there are those who try to sleep but just can't because I'm there to bug them.
Mwahahahahahahaha! >:)

You can't escape me!!!

And now my all time favourite sleeping pose....

It's TaiPak again!

Nice legs.

Close up shot.

Now before eating any possibly contaminated food, always remember to love your tummy everyday...

ignore the line in the middle.

Nobody listen to me, padam muka they all get diaorrhea but Christine stayed fit as a fiddle!
Hahahahahaha NOOBS!

Now that we sang the vitagen song, we can enjoy some yummy snacks that we find in the airport.

Such as...


or the weird maggee mee hot cup like noodle at the convenience store...

Mm... Noodlelicious!

And now we fool around! (or at least, they do...)

Nice shot right?

Okay so finally we boarded and I sat next to my buddy and she showed me her pics of her trip to Japan and we tried to take pictures of the hot caucasian guy sitting behind us to the right. xD



And so we reached BeiJing, the capital of the people's Republic of China. :D
Show off...

And we gear up for the cold weather...

"It's a cold, dark, scary place out there..."

Stop being so coward!!!

So then we headed to our first restaurant.
And guess what?


see my happy little 6 year old face?
I damn syok man, first time see snow.

But snow damn thin only la...

Little did Christine know, that Christine will be seeing even more powdery, cold, white dots later on in our trip.

Anywho, we checked into our 4 star hotel which is situated very near to the birds nest Olympic stadium or "niao cao" as the locals call it. :D
If i spelt it wrong, don't blame me, blame the locals!

Hello, hello, nice, warm beds!

They actually label the pillows either soft or firm.
Damn cool right? :D

And so the next day,
we headed to the forbidden city.
Everywhere sure no parking so we have to park damn far and walk over.

And then I saw a frozen river!

jakun as I am, I must take picture with it. :p


and try to get a picture of my foggy breath.

Nope, nothing.

Of course, we fool around for a while, while waiting for some slow pokes.

"Eh, how come China become dark so early wan?"

Ok now let me introduce to you some important characters...

Our tourguide, Tina.
remember that name!

"Christine, stop touching all those things!"

No, la she didn't say that. She's extremely nice and we love her. :D

My dad.

He may look like a terrorist but at least he is warm :)

And so am I!

hmm.... nope, still cold.


Trying to show off. Wait la, later see if you get frostbite.

Me and bud.

Camwhoring keeps you warm and occupied in cold weather. :)
It's true!

Shyn Yi looks like she could use some warmth...

At least she has Bart! :D

Speaking of keeping yourselves warm, huddling really helps.

Exercise keep you warm too :)

In the form of jumpshots....

and in the form of good old fashioned butt banging. :D

Touching each others faces also gives you warmth...

"Just in case I don't make it through this holiday, I want you to know, that you always did remind me of chocolate."

I know she's not brown I'm talking about WHITE chocolate! Duh!


Scientific fact: Did you know that the average human needs 4 hugs a day, 8 hugs for maintenance and 12 hugs for growth?


Hmm but as much as I love hugging, everytime I touch someone, I get electrified!
Seriously! It's because its so dry and cold!

See, there's even frozen water in this random block of stone.

Everybody wants to touch the ice.
Ice, ice baby.. ten ten ten te te ten ten...

Finally, a non dumb shot of the forbidden city.

Forbidden City, as seen from the outside.
i see mao zi tong!

Wo ai wo de baba. ^^
I love my daddy.

Speaking of love, let's show more love!


Plants need love too.

There! Didn't that feel good?

And after taking off my hat, I realize, not only do I have hat hair, I'm electrifying.

Check out my standing hair.

Now everyone wants to be my friend :D

And at night fall, we go to the Olympic Stadium

Look we make a W!

It's a W cause I say its a W!!!

We're so excited we jump for joy!

And act like some pro ski-ers since we are dressed the part.

"Must... Beat... Jojo!!!"

And something else caught my eye.

The water cube! That's where they do water events :D

Blue is a pretty colour, no?

And the next day,

First on the agenda, Summer Palace.
No it's not a tad bit warm.

But wait!

They drag us to some gay pearl shop...

Look at the oyster thing.

But there was a good side.

One of the many free pearls I stole :)

OK NOW to the summer palace.

family pic.
I have to at least bore you with one, don't I?

It says don't step on the ice.

But do people ever listen?

That's a real man!

so after that we head over to the silk factory where i bought nice silk blanket and got free silk handkerchiefs.

Watch as we use our skills to make some silk quilt insides.

These pastel balls are not nests, its silk!

And after that day, we deserve a nice rest don't we, kids?

Wen Tjun.


And fatty foods to fill our stomach.

This one is for you, Cheryl!!

Even as a person without chicken phobia, that creeps me out.

But anyway, the food in China is seriously G-R-O-S-S. Even their famous Peking duck sucks as it is so OILY. There was even a fish dish they brought out that was in a bowl filled completely with oil. No exagerations. Seriously. And eveything is so spicy even for my Malaysian tongue and not in a good way.

Blek blek blek I hate it so much.

Anywho, later on we had a trishaw ride!
I like rides, yes I do!

And it was soooo fun!
Who said Chinese people aren't friendly?

We said "ni hao" to all the people we passed by and 95% of them said it back or gave us a warm smile. :D

As China is a freakishly big place, a 30 minutes bus drive is considered a short time.
So as you can expect, we are pretty damn bored in the bus.
Sooo... what do people do for entertainment in a boring old bus?

Draw pics. :)

Look at pretty thingies.

"Hello, I'm Simba!"


They sleep so much, it's not funny anymore. :(

Anywho, later on we went for an acrobatic show.
Usually this would bore me since I've seen dozens but this one had a special suprise in store for me...

(jabbers in Chinese)

Christine: ..... eh?

Guy: *shows me what I'm supposed to do*

Christine: Ohh.....

*pours water on sword*

and I do not know why even now...

(in chinese)

duh, i know!
Yet, I still did not know why I was up there pouring water on his sword.

Then suddenly he popped the sword into his mouth.

Suddenly I realized what the show was about.
I though I had to play sword fighting with him or something...

Yes, it did go all the way in, I saw it. And I saw alot of spit fly out when he took the sword out of his mouth.
Now I know why people like to sit at the back.


Anywhoo, after the show we headed over to some gay restaurant with an interesting decoration.


If Santa really looked like that, I'd cry.

The toilet sign at the very same restaurant.

Hey! We're not ALL pregnant!

So we go to sleep and the next day,

We visit the great wall!

But first, on the way, an interesting and rare sight.


this peice of black shit is the only real one I saw during my whole trip.
Not as I expected, but hey, at least I found one right?


I'm that pale pink thing on top. :)

Hello there! :)

Tilt your head to the left.

This doorway was made for short people. I don't belong... :(

Keep tilting.

Me, my cousins and my 5 yuan (rm2.50) laminated certificate that says,
"I have climbed the Great Wall". :D
I had to climb 5km up the way to get it!

Joel is jealous, so he takes a picture for one too.
But acts all macho for it.

Show off.
luckily we spotted his unzipped fly before they took the picture.

There's nicer parts of the wall but all my camera people decided to stay down and stone.
And also I'm just freaking lazy to upload all. :D

After our climb, we kick back, relax and enjoy the snow. :)

Now THIS is real snow!

Look at our happy faces. 8D

See, even my mum is happy :D

A little girl...

Tries to build a snowman.
but does not suceed... or come close to it...

it's snowing!

But now that there's more snow, it means there's more cold.
More cold means more need to share body heat.
More need to share body heat means more HUGS! :D

I love you, Kimberly.

Snow in motion.

This reminds me of the snow thing lauren brie did in america's next top model.


Our snow kick.

oo... magical!
I love this shot. My brother's photo-taking skills rock :D

now, POSE!

What ARE you doing, Christine?

My BARE hand prints on SNOW.

Bloody cold man! By the way, the crap in the middle is my brother's pinkie or something.

My foot boot print.

I love my newly bought boots!

So after that, we go on a four hour long journey to DaTong which is supposedly even colder than BeiJing.

On the way, I saw all the colours of the rainbow in the sky. But it's not nice on camera.

can you see it?
Still, kinda pretty right? :)

For tonight's dinner we have a special suprise meal.

Special Mutton Hot Pot.

Which is basically just steam boat, but they have mutton rolls here.
But little did my friend Cui Yi know that she would get a tummy ache from this meal and tomorrow she will vomit, have diaorrhea and be like this!

No, you're not supposed to tilt your head to your left.

But either way I loved this place cause the people were damn friendly and I kept trying to talk to them in Chinese. And then I went to write a comment letter to them cause they asked my cousin who spoke Chinese to and I was jealous :D

Talking like a retard in Chinese makes me make new friends!

OK NOW.....

I LOVE the decorations!

Santa got skills!

See me do NINJA with SANTA!

Santa's Sleigh.

Where's Rudolph? :(

In honour of Pinocchio,

A giant marshmallow!

Words cannot express the horror beautyness.

Hotter reindeers.

The Santas waaaay better looking too.
Sorry, other Santa.

The snowman I built.


My room door.

Red, is the colour of an apple.
Orange, is the colour of an orange.
Yellow, is the colour of the sun, SUN, SUN!!!!

Seriously hazardous to your mental health.

The thing made me gain 8 kg!Curse you... >:(

Seriously, i didn't really gain weight, all my cousins had the same results.

It doesn't look it here, but the beds are BIG.

Mind you, this room is for 2 people.

And a prized posession...

Newly bought 150yuan(rm75) boots. Practical and cute :)

Anywho, the next day, we head out to some caves with Buddha giants inside them.
Which, no offense to Buddhists, I don't really care about.
But the scenery was quite nice :D

The caves.

More caveness.

Now some things I care about.

Daddy. Keep me warm. :)


I'm doing Bollywood style. xD

Daddy again.

I really love my daddy. It's not wrong.

Then we headed over to some monk's templey place and some 9 dragon wall but i no pictures... :p

So then we went to some park just for fun. While walking there, Shyn Yi decided to willingly embarass herself in the public eye and now the whole world shall see her.
I shall blackmail her and make her my slave!

Real mature, Shyn Yi. REAL MATURE. :)

I decided Kimberly needed to embarass herself too so i mutilated her nose.
mwahahahahahhahaha!!! >:D

I don't see her pink birthmark :(

At the actual park, there was ice on the path!
Now Christine shall walk on solid ice.


"I finally get to walk in a winter wonderland!"

We know, Christine. We know.

And all this noob chun people decide to play feathercock(?)
Yea, I don't know what it's called, that's what some people call it.
So anyway, it was uber fun and I just really love ice! :D

Anywho, after that, we went to restaurant.

Two blurshits

They look SO cute together!

Before long,
Wen Khyn got drunk.

as usual.

like lobster red only his face!

but while trying to get this perfect shot, we caught a shot of a chakra opening point directly in the middle of his hand!

Wen Khyn: No la, it's lead.

Awh... Too bad, cause that is really cool!

Wen Tjun trying to be like his brother.

Ok, no he's just trying to make sounds with the bottle.

Though he really looks like he's drunk.


Then suddenly some random stranger guy came up to me while we were still having dinner and was like:

GUY: ni na li lai de?
where are you from?

Christine(in cacat chinese): eh? wo men ma lai si ah ren.
we're malaysian.

GUY: Ma lai si ah? oh. *runs away*
malaysia? oh.

Gay retard.

i think this guy kepo around because the guy heard me TRYing to talk to the waiters in Chinese so he must have thought I was from some weird place where the language is so distorted by a horrid accent.
Or i'm from MPH...

See! Talking like a retard in Chinese makes me make new friends!

And so, the next day we headed back to BeiJing looking forward to a night in a Hot Spring Resort Hotel! :D

Another four hour long trip.

For lunch, Joel was his usual self.

He forgot to zip his pants again.
And if you look closely, there's rice all over his shirt.

Then they brought us to some place that sells Chinese medicine.

Kids getting conned.

That guy talks so much people can sleep also...

Then we went shopping at some place! :D
what? I'm a girl!

So intently shopping that we were like 10 minutes late.

Considering SOME PEOPLE spent an extra 1 1/2 hours at the Great Wall, 10 minutes is a minor setback in comparison. =.=

Anyway, then we had some kungfu show performed by monks.
It was quite nice. :D

And after the show, I was trying to copy them.
You know, with my awesome kungfu moves...
But see la, my kepo cousin come stand next to the accidentally lethal weapon, see what you get!


at least now you know, don't come near me. Period.


My favourite people.

One day I wanna be just like him!


Comes with either an orange floatation device...

Or an apple floatation device...

Oo... Purrty apple... :)

Any 5 star resort wouldn't be complete without pretty toilets too!

And check out the shiny doorbell!

Probably my favourite feature ^^

And the next morning...

As much as they try...

Only I...

can get a foggy breath picture :)

Wanna see again?

Yea, that means I'm warmer and more humid than those noobs nice people. :D

Okay so now we head over to some really high place with 365 steps where we can see the whole of The Forbidden City.

But on our way, we pass


China has sheep?

Anywho when we get there, there are lots of healthy, active old people busying themselves with dance!

Of course, my dad joins in.

Later on, I do too :D

So we walk up and see the Forbidden city from very high. :D


And then, Wen Khyn is suddenly ambushed by some Chinese mafia.

"Give me all your money!"

But Wen Khyn won't give him his money. The mafia gets pissed.

"Why you little..."
(in Homer Simpson style)

Wen Khyn: Help!!!

The Final Blow.


Another "strange" incident...

suddenly, Wen Tjun is in a gay mood.
what's new?


That's right, Wen Tjun! Show love to my daddy!

Unfortunately he's not compatible with woman.

Then we head on to some foot refelexology place.

Kids excited to get foot massage.

Then suddenly they tell us you have to be at least 18 years of age for one.
Go die!!!

My elbow is not in my foot!

Lucky adults.

2 Sleeping Bimbos.

One has EXTREMELY weird feet.

Hair is tolerable, the tan line freaks me out.

Hello? Who's that?

Poor Bart.

And now, we head to TianJin.

And have our last dinner in China with Tina, our tourguide. :(
This calls for...


Before we leave the dinner place...
I met a giant by the name of Joel.

"Hello! Nice to meet you, Giant!"

And then, I met a little midget named JoJo too.

"Awh... your so cute and tiny!"

Anyway, we head to our hotel in Tianjin.
Bloody hell! The water was brown! O.O

But, it had the best food in the whole of my stay here.
Like they say, the dirtier the place, the better the food.

"Nyum! This food is really good!"

My favourite dish.

This guys omelettes :)
What? I like eggs!

They're seriously very nice!
Some more China's food standards are extremely low so this was like a breath of fresh air.

Then we headed to Cultural Street to buy alot of nonsense we won't ever use but looks pretty. ^^

And for boredoms sake, we take a picture at this giant red door put in the middle of nowhere for some peculiar reason.


Then we headed to some food place which gave out alot of free samples of their food.
But only one per person.


i took like 20 samples of one of these biscuit thingies.

This fellow though, no sample anything also.
Come to China for holiday, sleep only.

Who ah?

Wen Khyn la!

Anyway, after lunch, we go airport to leave already. :(
One last group picture, peeps!

check out this ice cream we found at the airport.


this time i don't get to sit with my buddy in the plane but at least I got 3 nincompoopies behind me :)

Yea, we know you're cool.

And now the random stuff I didn't know where to put in. :D

Cute animals in China.

Fluffy dog.

Fluffy cats.

Fluffy birds.

Fluffy Eeyore!!

He dances too. :)


The cutest ever christmas decoration.

In trips to any foreign land, watch for interesting signs.

Read carefully.