Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Christine!!! :DDDDDDDD

Oh what a jolly season!

On the 15th of August 1994, the very sparkly person by the name of Christine Kuan Hui Ann was born! To honour this spectacular date, every year since, on the 15th of August, people give ME presents and stuff me with cake! :DDDDDDDDDDD
Or maybe pie...

Both are simply scrumptious!
(Oh, what a nice word! I feel like I'm British now! Biskits, tally-ho, poppy-cock, indubitably!)

Back to sanity, let me tell you about my birthday!

It was a dark and stormy night...
It was a bright August morning!
The whistling sounds of birds chirping filled the air as I trotted to the tapak perhimpunan, narrowly escaping the wrath of Keng Han, the dumbo prefect extraordinaire!

In English, I was ALMOST late.

I saw my two buddies, Cheryl & Yau blabbering away as usual and sat down next to them.
They acknowledged me and then went back to their stupid conversation about something or other.


There's something wrong with this scene!!!

Aren't these idiots supposed to be wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on MY birthday?!!!

I know it's childish but for some reason, this really annoyed me.

But hohoho! I'm not done with my story YET!

I soon proceeded to class where Jeremy wished me! Yay him!
(he's number 4 after Jowynna, the midnight wisher and my parents! dumb brother.....)
Only then did Cheryl & Yau, followed by numerous other people including Bumble Bee wish me.

"Stupid idiots, Cheryl & Yau," I thought as I assured them that it was alright that they had forgotten.

Forward to recess time!

Cheryl: Where do you want to eat today? Should we go to the library?

Yau: I wanna eat today.

Christine: Ya, i'm kinda hungry.

Okay, we'll go canteen then!

*All walks to canteen*

*heads towards fruit stall*

Shit, she can see...

Ha? What? *spins around in circles looking for what I'm supposed to be seeing*

Abigail: Shit, I told you guys to stall!


I see, not a cake, oh no..., but like 30 mini potato-top pies!!!

Contrary to my belief, my friends were listening after all, when I blabbered things such as:

"Hey guys, if you don't know what to get me for my birthday, just get me a pie."


"For my birthday, don't get me a cake. Get me a pie."


"I like pie. :)"


"Bananas are a good source of potassium!"

That last one may not be related, but it's true!!!!

Recreation of the awesome-ness of their capie (cake-pie) with the leftover pies and that stuff...

I was so touched by my friends' gesture.
I would have cried even if they had just sang me happy birthday.
Just the fact that they CARE enough for me to do something for me on my one special day lighted up my entire day.

I love you guys... :')

And if the awesome pies weren't enough, they also got me presents that I REALLY REALLY LOVED!
(This is rare as most people buy me photoframes and think i'm overcome with joy...)

From the Bee-ness.

The coolest notebook ever!

Ohmigosh, it loves me!!!! :DDDDDD

and it's pages are filled with awesome thingies!

And it has the rap of the prawn thingy from Charlie 3 so I will never be tongue-tied singing it ever again!!!
how thoughtful... :)

Thank you, Bee!

From Cheryl, Yau, Jeremy & Jarrod.

Ohmigosh! Cherry stuff!!!

Mmm... Smells so good like real cherries....

And apple earrings!

Ohmigosh, do you know I love apples? Almost as much as I love...


AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! CHERRY EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looooove! :)

Although this was not what I most wanted for my birthday, which is, of course, ryan reynolds wrapped with pink ribbons in a giant box, and also for PMR to be abolished but hey, these are really awesome too! :)

After a perfectly awesome morning, one would not expect the day to continue ever so awesomely, but it did.

I enjoyed a delicious meal with my family in the heart of KL.

In plain sight, Malaysia's pride and joy...

The Petronas Twin Towers!
Towering oh so majestically over us all...

I then enjoyed myself over a hearty meal at Jogoya!

Located at...

me thinks...

To get there, we had to go through this...

Now, who needs orchard road?
We have shiny streets too!!!



Elevator aerial view.

Jogoya's food can die of joy la....
Check out the desserts!

The sheer variety available is shocking...


Only geniuses like me can make it like i do...


Just as I've finished stuffing myself silly with the waffles, I happen to chance a glance unto....

EXTREME HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*heavenly music plays*

Oh the delicious texture is perfectly complimented with vanilla sauce...
The most perfect sweet food ever invented....

The toilets, contrary to what Yau says, I find them to be a little creepy.

But I'm likin' those mirrors! xD

Later at home, the time has finally arrived for CAKE!

Magic time!

"I wish I get to lick the knife later..."



I took so long to wish that my candle became like this... :(

Me & friends semi celebrated my birthday and watched the proposal and ate out. :D


Our lunch at New York, New York Deli, 1 Utama.

Cheese fondoooooh!

The pasta i did not snap a pic but you can see a glimpse of it in pic no. 2! :D

And you know Yau has been eating it...

For dessert?

This is interesting... Fried Mars Bars with Ice cream!!!

By seeing Bee's enthusiasm in it, you can KNOW it's awesome! :D

Speaking of awesome-ness, Cheryls ruining my awesome rep. xD

Look at that numbskull, embarassing us all....


But soon our Bee flies away because she has to go somewhere...

And Cheryl demonstrates flying for all of us to see... :D

Float, Cheryl, float!

And now I shall belanja whats left of the population tea at Delicious.

We're all not that hungry but we order a pavlova which is simply DELICIOUS!

And Mmm... lychee paradise!

Cheryl is pixellated because she looks really dumb.
See, I'm so kind... :)

While there, we bantered and played with our cameras among many other things...

What I thought was an accidental shot, turned out to be Yau's horny doing...

She admitted!

This birthday was really so great for me.
Thank you everyone for making it one of the most enjoyable birthdays ever! :DDDDD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All i want for my birthday is...

This year, all I want for my birthday(which is this Saturday and I have to go to school and do some exam... :(((( ) is to somehow be able to study for PMR, without studying.

I'm not dumb.
After countless remarks from older students, PMR seems to be easy like lemon squeezy. xD
But I'm lazy.

That's my downfall...

And i don't care when the stupid old people made all sorts of Perlembagaans and Persekutuans and things that start with PER!!!!