Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do i seriously suffer a mental illness?

I saw this sign today staring out at me through the window of that art attack shop.

(click for bigger view)

I will translate all to english now for those who cannot understand BM...
and because i hate BM.

Characteristics of Autistic People:

1. has 1 person conversations

anyone who spends 5 minutes with me will realize that half the time, i am talking to myself about something or other.

2. doesn't show interest

unless it's something shiny, most of the time, if you tell me anything, i will just look blur and everything is going in one ear and coming out the other...

3. copies actions

how often do I play this dumb game?


somemore the light is blocking in this picture.. hahahha...

5. Flaps hands

Ohmigosh like how many times a day do I attempt to fly????

6. Laugh berdekah-dekah(like a lunatic) at unsuitable times

Okay twilight, new moon and true blood aside, has anyone seen me in class where i suddenly start laughing to myself for no apparent reason?

7. Likes to spin things

One of my favourite pastimes! I play with my baby cousin's balls more than they do and anything that can spin, i will spin.
eg, cups, toilet rolls, bottles, pencils...

8. No eye contact

This only applies to me half of the time.
If you're talking to me about boring shit though, of course I'm going to stare at that speck of dust that just flew by your head...

9. hates change.

Also half applied.
Everyone hates change and so do i. But I guess autistic people are extremely intolerable to change?

10. Talks about the same thing repeatedly.

If you have met me, you may find that I tell you the same story that happened to me today about 5 or 6 times. The number is small because by that time, normal people would have asked me to shut up and go away. This somehow breaks off my talking streak.

11. Doesn't play with other people.

Okay this is not true because I love playing with everyone. :D

12. Only joins groups if helped or pushed(not push as in push you off the building).

Well this is half true. If I know people there, i will join stuff in a flash.
but if I don't have a teman, you will never get me joining any type of group stuff...
I'm scared of people..?

13. Shows liking for adult's hands.

If you sit behind me in mass, you will notice i'm playing with my mother's hands the whole time. Except when I'm clasping them together in prayer la but anyway, i hold my mum's hand a lot. and my dads too. in car they dricing also i hold their hand to increase the chance of car crash. hahahaha. don't catch me, police! xD

And those are the 13 unlucky signs.

And out of those 13, I have 10.5 matched characteristics.

Either that, or this sign is very retarded.


I'm just christine!


look it's the laughter again...