Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did Christine mention that she went to watch Transformers in GSC at Gardens in the Premiere Class?

Well, I did.

Me & bongo...

these seats are perfect for couples as they're like 2 big chairs joined together...

I sat with my jojo cuzin. :D

Holds my drink... :D

If you look closely, you can see a side table thingie where you can rest your popcorn!
You don't get that in the normal peasant people seats! xD

Camwhore pictures taken in extremely high ISO that's why it's so blur...

What? Commercials are boring!


Today, I went shopping by myself to look for a dress for malam bakat...

I scoured One Utama and found one but I wasn't satisfied so I went over to the Curve/Ikano/Cineleisure area and went around and around not able to find anything right...

Why is it so hard to find the right dress?

1. Stupid dumb Cheryl was supposed to shop with me together so we can find the right dress together but she went to buy before me.

So that means I have to match her colour. Which was purple. Stupid idiot, I found so many nice dresses but they were all the wrong colour...
I wish she chose pink or black or white or blue!!!

2. Strict rules on level of revealingness

I figured I could just wear a tube for the ones that show cleavage or a half jacket if the thing has really small sleeves but some things just look shitty that way so I have to abandon them...

3. Clothes at Cathay Cineleisure & Curve were made for Asian boobs.

People always tell me ,"Go to the Cathay Cineleisure! They have so many varieties of clothes!"
So I went there and found alot of nice clothes...
Then I try them on and yea...
Stupid Asians!!!!

4. There's something wrong with my shoe. :(

This is a factor as it slows down my walking hence making it harder for me to find nice clothes...

There's seriously something retarded about my shoe...
I don't know why when I walk, the back of my shoe keeps banging the back of my heel making my skin come off...
I think this is related to the retarded size of my feet as it only happened to my left foot which is my smaller foot... O.o

Nasty results of shoes...

Anyway, here are the dresses that I tried on...
(besides cathay cineleisure ones that couldn't even fit... T.T)
Budget: Rm100

From CherrieLee, One Utama.

This dress is slightly more towards pink and I know it'll look horrible with half jacket and it's not that formal either so I had to remove it from my list...

From Love It, Ikano:

This is rm39.90 and the colour is nice but it's quite plain and I have sausage dog syndrome when you look at it from behind... xD

From Forever 21, One Utama:

This is just way too short... But the purple is nice and it looks pretty! But yea... too short...

This would totally follow all the requirements if worn with a tube except that it costs 130 something...
And the sleeves are not connected properly...
It's something I get alot and I dunno why...
The sleeves are not wrapped around my arms but instead, they're really low...

In One Utama, I was just about to give up when I decided to backtrack in case I missed out anything.
Then I stumbled upon a shop which I had skipped because I didn't see any purple dresses...
And then I looked closely and it had a purple dress!

So I just went in to see and wanted to try it on...


Lady:"No, this one cannot try. *mumble mumble* Twenty... *mumble mumble*"

Me: *pretend to understand* Okay...

Later I asked again and found out that it's only rm 20!
Then I stood in front of the mirror trying to see if I could possibly wear it and whether it'll look nice.

In the end I bought it because the worst case scenario, I can just sell it to a small person because it's so cheap and I could probably scam the fella! xD

Fortunately though, the dress fits!

From Tangoo, One Utama:
(tried in the toilet)

Okay, honestly the sleeves are kind of retarded but at least I know they won't get rejected!
To me it doesn't look formal enough though...
But following guidelines wise, it's suitable!
I can wear a tube if the cleavage is too much...
Though it IS a little short....

Hmm... Let's hope Puan Gan is in a forgiving mood...
Maybe I'll go show her a Britney Spears video before I show her my dress xD

Back view...

Somehow, I think this is more like something Cheryl will wear.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's wrong with this fella....

Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal arrived from on "Baby Carrot: April 2009"

Ok, admittedly, I have a habit of seeing the images that brought other people to my blog through my traffic feed at the side...

Usually, the pictures that bring people here are pictures of popular TV shows or famous personalities which I also take from other people's blogs. xD

So it is a very proud yet weird moment when someone is brought to my blog through a picture of my own!

Why weird?

Look at the picture...

Maybe he was searching for pictures of freaks?

Either way, this picture just ruined my proud moment...


Oh well, at least my fame has increased, right? RIGHT????

Friday, June 26, 2009

One year gone...

Let us remember the sad day where someone very special left us all...

He may not be with us in body, but he's here in our hearts...
We'll always remember you, Jia Yuen.

P.s. Thank you to all who tied a white ribbon around their wrists to remember him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Christine, you are one of the chosen ones...

Warning: some pictures are stolen from yau. :D there, happy? :)

So says this piece of pathetic paper...

Malam Bakat.

An event students look forward to every year.
A time to showcase your talents and an enjoyable evening for the non-participating.
Who wants to come and see me perform? :)

*hint hint: COME LA U IDIOTS!!!!*

What? You mean you got in for your stupid choir thing?

Okay yes, that!


a duet!

Singing a gay song! With Cheryl!

(By gay, I mean non-modern, and we're singing in operatic voice so we'll probably get boo-ed off the stage. But! We passed an AUDITION! So that MUST mean we're good, right? RIGHT???)

Proof in writing.
The list of performances in order.

See the randomly bolded Christine & Cheryl? :)
That's really coincidence.

Or maybe Puan Gan likes us more..? xD

But only perform on condition that Yin Yin joins us with a solo ballet.
And she is so yipee! :D

But still, right after we performed, me and cheryl were telling nicola and zi chuen how we were just playing around and didn't expect to get in at all and we were just doing it cause we wanted to TRY before Cheryl leaves forever.

And then we got in! :D
Happines! XDDDDDDD

This is the second time something very similar happened to me and my bongo.
First was choir audition when we were going to ponteng Maths...

And then we got in.... o.O

We have more potential than we think!

That proves...

You must always try! Even though you think you're horrible!

Then you can reach the skies...

We can fly, we can fly, we can FLY!!!!

Yaus just hopeless.

Why do I have pictures of us at school?

I'm doing 3 Matahari layout!

*refer to post below for layout picture*

Now I can take pictures in class and my camera won't be rampas-ed! :D

Yau, oh yau...

Kenape braces kau bewarne cam ni?

Hows that for Malay slang!!!

Maybe it's cause Yau was going mad with her old braces...
Note picture below.

No pink=pyscho shit.

Pink= Still a psycho shit.

Okay, conclusion...
Yau's just dumb. :)

But while we're on the subject of our gang's "secret" handshake...

"Genius to that!"

Well this must have been snotty fun!

As I was zooming in to cut out this picture for the layout...
I realize, YKH looks alot like Papaya.

Cheryl.... ;)

I know you still love me. :D

See! Proof! :D

And along with that, I provide evidence Yau eats in class!

Look a cookie!

This isn't illegal but it's funneh. :D

About to spit into my camera....

Another really cool shot of yau. :DD

Ignore moi and look at yau!!!

Although "fight scenes" are commonly used in layouts, me & yau are special!

Awesomest picture ever!

Fireball Bob vs. The Extreme Window Dirt-Demolisher!!!!!

Who do you think will win?
Me la! Water kill fire ma!!!

Our class is filled with superheroes!

There's also The Book Spinning Wonder-Man!

Superhero names are SUPPOSED to be lame!!!


Okay, we're not superheroes, but we ARE magical!!! :D

Every superhero needs arch nemesis's right?

There's Robo-Reflection.
Cheryl's dark side.... O.o

And the most deadly of them all....


Famous for her specialty "Gossip-About-You-Behind-Your-Back", "BackStab", and the Ulti....


hmmm.... look it's xian ting.

Eh what's her picture doing here actually?

Cheryl's old hair is starting to look like any other random girl's hair- BORING!!!

Hmm... Let's up the wow factor!

It's time for a new dramatic cut!

Is Yau cutting Cheryl's hair????!!!

She's just adjusting collar.

Anyway, check out the new do!

Cheryl finally cut a bob after all our pleading???

Well, no, she's just tucking in her hair into her school shirt.

She gets the bob without the bob-to-long hair ugly hair transition period!

Oh no!
Just because you look better doesn't mean you have to flirt with everyone!

Her obvious failed attempt on me has caused her to move on to other unsuspecting victims...

Is he disgusted? Or attracted??? :)

So Cheryls hair is nice right?


Did anyone notice there are no pictures of bee yet?

That's cause she's the ponteng queen so she's always out of class...
Jeremy can be king.

Yes, I'll join the vast amount of people that think they're dating!


Im just kidding.
They're not... =.=

Another prefect we all "love"...

"Teacher, don't confuse us! You are not Confucius!"

"Keng Han, Keng Han..."

Christine feels sad that didn't go on layout so now she's indulging herself with it on her blog! :D

In our class, there are so many posers...

Yes! It was posing for us the whole time!!!

And then there are those who are camera shy...

The second they saw my camera...

It's not gonna eat you!!!!

Still manage to catch Yan Yi when he wasn't looking.

Why is he staring out like that?
Hint: Blitzerz is practicing outside... ;)

Now for some random shits...

A time to confide and be emo...

From left: Jeremy, Abigail, Cheryl.

My sad piece of art which got 35/60...


This and BM broke my string of As!!!!

Yau's puffball.

It's so pink and round.
This is my picture by the way. Not Yaus.
Hah! I take nice pics!

Our evil schedule...

Why are there 3 periods of KH but only 2 periods of PJ??? :(

Something special about our class.
They stick everyone's name & birthday on our front notice board.

So you have no excuse to not buy me presents!!!!

Megamall outing with Yau & Bee.

Just some random nice clothes.
Includes those from Nichii @ the Curve because we went there first... xD

Bee bought that for Yau in the end...

Love this dress minus the shineeness..
Still quite cool though...

Yau tries to avoid the picture but fails miserably...

Black and simple...

Oh and I got a shirt from Espirit for rm13!!!! :OOOO

Now to Megamall!

Kill car ride time with taking pictures of tester eyeshadow xD

Some places in Megamall are awesome!!!
This place, I think called Envy or something has such nice dresses!!!



The colours, the cutting, the comfortable-ness.

What's not to like?

Bee is totally uninterested in me and Yau's fashion desires!

So she hides behind this dress while giving me a chance to take a picture of it!
Nice work, Bee!! :D

Yea, and it was pretty fulfilling cause I had loads of fun but my camera battery died...


Wait! I didn't show you the latest and coolest things I got!


If you press a button, it makes quack sounds!!!!
And UV light comes out from its mouth!!!

A very nice friend gave it to me! :D

And ohemgee bargain hunters, be alerted!

Behold my freaking cheap original crocs!

Sorry I know lighting is horrible...

Anyway, rm45 per pair!

That's outrageous right? Usually 100 over!

jeremy told me it was totally original but Cheryl's quality control team (aka her mum and maybe others) said it's probably factory rejects and it's missing a certain detail...

Hmm that may be true, since Jeremy got it from his dad's friend who got it from factory.
Who knows where it came from?
But it is definitely somewhat original.
Comfort is the same and it has the croc label and comes with the bag and all.

I love u Jeremy even though you still kait like rm 15 untung from me...

Idiot, I just realized I got scammed!!!!

Oh well, until the next time I feel like blabbering!

*new word for goodbye! It's Japanese and if you learn music at Yamaha when you're a kid, they make you sing a song with that title after every lesson! xD Stop jabbering now, Christine. *