Wednesday, June 10, 2009

roaming cineleisure-curve-ikano-ikea area!

People, I did it!
I watched the Hannah Montana Movie!


Well, it wasn't as bad as i expected it to be but it was still very annoying at some parts and a bit cliched but ohmigosh i think it was quite interesting!

I like some of the new songs though the stupid rendition of best of both worlds is super annoying.

There was one song about a little caterpillar(it has something to do with metaphors) and it's really nice and sweet and then there's that song about doing the hoe down and it's really fun and cute to me.

Some of the super annoying things are like the shoe fight, Hannah's bimbo-ness, Jackson getting attacked by an ALLIGATOR while little kids laugh at him(which by the way, is so freaky to me and I hate those sadistic little kids!!!!), the revolving door scene which is so dumb and Miley's dumbness in solving her have to be at two places at once problem which is so SHE ASKED FOR IT!

But some parts were really stupidly funny.
ALOT of times where the cinema was silent I found myself laughing like a retard.
But that's just how I am isn't it? :D

Though I really LOVE some of the outfits!


Oh ya, did I mention, the only reason I went to watch the movie in the first place was because my cousin had a birthday party in the curve and she got my aunt to chaperone. And her daughter, who is my dum dum invited me to come too so she wouldn't die of boredom!

My dum dum.

Not the one who's having the birthday party.
She's invisible to my camera. xD

OH OH! Birthday cousin has a friend who believes in Charlie too!
Birthday cousin is a Charlie fan too, come to think of it...

So after this "enjoyable" movie, we notice some thingies lying around in cineleisure.

Let's relive some movies and meet the stars! :D

Monsters Inc.'s monsters!
(dude, I forgot their names... xD)


"Shit! There's a little one too!"

Kung Fu Panda's, Po.

"I love you, Po!"

Em, okay, I honestly don't know what movie this is from...
Maybe Star Trek???

Who cares! I look cool in the chair! :D

From Transformers, a robot!
(don't expect me to know the fella's name...)




This is not a movie related thingy, but it's big and huggable!

Who loves orange soda?

Christine loves orange soda! :D

Looks like DK loves it too!

And while we're being lifeless, might as well take a picture with this Strictly Street 2009 sign.

Yea, we're so cool up in here!!!

And so after goofing off a little while, it's time to go to Paddington House of Pancakes for a nice meal.

Of pancakes! Which I've been craving for ages! Hm... Coincidence?

We all took the set lunch!
Which comes with one pancake dish, a drink and a pancakey dessert!

And it's only rm13.90!
So that's pretty worth it! :D

Such an interesting word...
That's cause it's Dutch!
Dutch people are special! :D

I really don't know what they're doing...

I didn't order anything for myself...

All I got was that measly portion from my brother...

Okay, no.

I took alot from Cui Yi's Tokyo pannekoek 'cause her mom doesn't want her to get fat and I also took Jasmine and her friends's Honolulu shit thing! :D

Honolulu thingie is AWESOME!!!

My brother enjoying his dory fish pannekoek!


His dish comes with a fantastic
MAAAAAAAAASH po-ta-to! (*winks at kim*)

Which I sampled lots of! Nyummm.... :D

No meal is complete without mustard!!!

Okay, I didn't get the chance to use any but I stole some for home usage! :D

At laz, it iz time, mademoiselles and monsieurs, for dezert!

Ice cream with mini pancakes!

Looks super simple but tastes AWESOME!!!

It's SO GOOD that some garbage cans(hint hint: WEN TJUN & DANIEL) can have 2 after a full giant pancake meal with stolen bits from other people already!!!

Ah well, garbage cans will be garbage cans boys will be boys.

After that, we all go our separate ways and me and my dum dum go looking around for clothes!

The lamest comercial line since "Terminate Your Hunger!"

Smoke. Gets. In. Your.


Shopping at cineleisure was dissapointing as even though there were lots of clothes, they weren't that reasonably priced and not THAT nice also.

So we left to Ikano where we goofed off in brands outlet!

I'm so bored while Cui Yi looks at sunglasses to buy so I grab the "coolest" ones I can see and try them on...

Ohmigosh it's the nerdie glasses!


And then I find the same style in white!

I am reminded of an old friend named Matthew...
(only my form 2 classmates will get this)

P.S. I ended up buying the bangles in my left hand.

I need at least one picture with a normal pair of sunnies...

This is one of the pairs Cui Yi was contemplating on buying.
All of them look exactly the same!!!

Am I seeing double???

Cui Yi hopes the darkness of 2 sunglasses mixed together will blind me from seeing her dumb face.

She was wrong and she looks double the dumbness instead!

Extreme "stunt" that got me stares from the sales people and random passer-bys...

The rainbow sunnies.
From top: Red, pink, green, blue, purple, white(at my neck!) :D

Red is barely visible but it's there!

The mirrors in the changing room of brands outlet is so tempting...

Stupid woman with her sunnies...

The typical Cui Yi psycho laugh with...
what's this? a clone???

Cui Yi realises she's in love...

yep, with her clone....

I wonder what MY clone tastes like...

Some of the clothes here are really cool...

Hearts and peace symbols make pixellated smiley faces!

Super weird random shit!

Uber cute la!!!

I also found a shirt for Cui Yi that totally describes her...

That's who she is...
The innocent acting trouble-maker...

Somehow Cui Yi thinks that this is more suitable for her...


P.S. Above shirts with Cui Yi are actually baby shirts!
That just shows how tall Cui Yi is... ;D

The people who come here also have really awesome fashion sense.

Like this lady in the far left...

Waaa... what nice rainbow coloured shirt...
Her fashion sense damn chun la...

If you're really dense, you may not have noticed, we're wearing the exact same shirt!

Haha I know it's really lame, but I find it cool!

Check it out again!

Like Oh-Em-Gee!

Anyway, not long after, I head to the toilet and on my way there, suprise suprise!
A dress was fatedly hanging on the manakin at Love It! waiting for me to lay eyes on its magnificence!

It cost like 34.90 but I love it! <>

It was destiny!

Anyway, Cui Yi soon remembers her need for a fringe trimming(school is starting soon, dude!!!)...

So we head to the rm12 per cut shop!

Bored waiting for her mum to come back...

The new do!

The super gay pose she wanted me to take picture of somehow...

I borrow her sunnies for a little while...

...and she gets so pissed! Look at her garang face, man!

Chill dude! I will give it back in perfect condition!

So that's how my happy day was today!

And tonight, Cui Yi, Kimberly and JoJo are coming over for a TrueBlood Marathon Sleepover Party!!! :DDDDDDD


Fun times are among me!
But fun days must end...
(4 more days till school starts!!!! O.O)