Monday, June 8, 2009

The most awesome show ever!!!

Remember this?

Yes, it's my TRUE BLOOD Season 1 DVD!

So after admiring it from the outside, i finally got down to actually watching the show.

And i have to say...



I might even find watching the series better than reading twilight!


Oh no!
Oh yes!!!

haha, twilighters, take that!!!
Why do i keep knocking down Twilight?
Because I hate Rob P and i hate what twilight has become which is overly commercialised and supposedly EVERYONES favourite book. The most annoying part of it is the wannabe twilight fans who pretend they love Twilight so much but wouldn't know the difference between Emmet and Jasper.

On the other hand, True Blood NEEDS to be commercialised and loved so that the world will know of its awesomeness!!!

I bet alot of you are asking this question:

"What the hell is this strange new show I've never heard about?"

My answer to you is:

"You haven't heard about it? What kind of loser are you and don't you read my blog???"

It's so awesome that my life has been empty until I watched it.
Now that my life is complete, I want more!!!

Season 2 is coming out in America on June 14th!!!

Anyhoo, heres the basic plot.

With the invention of synthetic blood from the Japanese called Tru-Blood, vampires are no longer a threat to the humans as much as they used to be so they come out in the open and are about as excepted in society as the gay/lesbian community are. The story focuses on the romance of Sookie Stackhouse who is telepathic and a vampire, William T. Compton or as he prefers, Bill. He happens to be really good looking!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD (Though in the show he's 30... )


To the right! :D


If you ever want to see him at his hottest, go watch episode 6, and stare at him when Sookie runs out to him from her house in a white flowy dress as soon as night falls.
They zoom in on his blue eyes!

Bill is played by an actor named Stephen Moyer who is guess what?
That means a British accent!

This is so typical of me to like another British bloke.
And if he were younger, he'd be perfect to play the role of edward in twilight!!! xD

I mean, he's born to play vampire!
Unlike some useless shit that I'm not going to mention.





In fact, even at this age, I can say Stephen Moyer would have been a better choice than him!!!!
Hands down!

Back to True Blood, this show really has everything!

Theres something for the horror lover, romance lover and a little something for the action lover via vampire fight scenes though there aren't too many.

But anyway, the attraction of this show is mainly the romance between Sookie & Bill.
Paired along with intriguing ideas and non cliched storylines and dialogues (unlike those that are so often seen today) this shows a breath of fresh air and has become my all time favourite television series of all time and I have even watched it twice!
(This is something big for me because I never watch the same thing twice within a year unless I really love it.)

Though something that bugs me is that there is plenty of those... ahem ahem... scenes...
If you know what I mean...

All those scenes are mainly the work of Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's manslut of a brother.

So sad his character is so screwed up...
Wasted hotness...

Another person who ruins my mood is Tara Thornton!

She's just a constant downer!!!

And she hooks up with Sam Merlotte...
(and they show it! AAHHHHHHH!!!)

He also happens to be a shapeshifter.
who runs around butt naked at the full moon.

And yes, again, they show it!

But if you watch it on HBO, they'll censor it all out for you!

Those are the only flaws.
Otherwise, utter PERFECTION!!!!


Now for a closer look at the eye candy!


Ohmigosh i love his hair in this picture... xD



Bill & Sookie! :)

Bill showing his annoying newborn vampire he made Tru-Blood...

Awh, looks so cute!

Super cute!!!

Super hot!!!

Drinking Tru-Blood!!!

Ohmigosh I love VAMPIRE BILL!!!!

And that's all my blabbering for one day!
The end! :D


Anonymous said...

Love your photos! I totally am into this show and have been since the very beginning. Loving the music as well.
Although, I started out with loving Bill, I am now and have been totally in love with Eric! What do you think of Eric?
I'm in the process of reading the books now. I'm on Dead as a Doornail. Happy June 14th!!!Debbie

Christine said...

Hi Debbie! Glad to meet another True Blood fan! Thanks for your comments! :D I'm still totally in love with Bill but Erics really hot too! He has a really nice built! xD i haven't even started reading the books yet but I will soon! Happy June 14th to you too! :DDDD