Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congratulations daddy! :)

Well this is a really late post, but i don't care!

Congratulations my dear daddy for officially becoming a qualified lawyer & for opening up a law firm!
We are so proud!

Before I go on, let me briefly explain about the "calling to bar" which is when you are accepted as a lawyer. Somebody will relate you, the lawyer,'s story to a judge and a panel those of whom will chose to make any objections or not. The judge will then give the final verdict on whether he/she deems you worthy to become a lawyer. Then someone will wear your official lawyer's coat thingamajiggy and you are a lawyer at last!

Now lemme tell you my daddy's story.

My dad is actually a chartered accountant with nice qualifications and everything but at one point in his life, he felt very trapped and tied down.
So he took up law in hopes of one day becoming a lawyer and open up his own law firm.
This dream began in about the year 2001 and so he studied like a keng han.
He was so studious that at the 2nd test, he got a book prize!
Unfortunately, at the 3rd test there was a quota system so my dad had to take 3 sittings to pass.
But he got an A for his criminal law!

But that's okay because he did in the end!
And he didn't give up no matter how grey things seemed to be!
Then the chambering period started and finally, he was called to bar and became a lawyer!

See how happy he is... :D

(that's THE coat by the way...)

Anyway for my dad to be called to bar, we had to go to the giant kompleks mahkamah kuala lumpur!

Be afraid, be very afraid.

To see how vast it really is, let's compare it to something small.
Let's say a human girl for example.

Do you even see the tiny human?

Automatic doors at the entrance. :)

This place has really shiny stuff.

Including lifts!

It's not a mirror, but it reflects. Interesting...

Yes, simple things like this do fascinate me! :)

And you won't have to worry about losing track of time because you have these thinggies everywhere!

This was last Saturday by the way.

And what would a really grand building be without a signature 5 star view?

Some unknown mosque.

And a swimming pool?

Nope, it's just some random decoration that says "kedaulatan undang-undang".
That's creative...

Waa... So dimajukan...

But the best feature of all is this!

And this is why I love this building!

In the court, photography is strictly prohibited.
Except when no one's looking. :)

The court room.

The place where the convicted people sit at.

Yes, I commited murder.


We all commited murder!!!
*plays scary music*

And hanging out with my cousins just wouldn't be fun if I didn't have a bimbonoid to play with.

My bimbonoid of the day...

Bananabrain Cui Yi

Now you understand why I call her that...

Anyway my bimbonoid and I decided to switch a shoe for the rest of the time we were here.

And then take lots of pictures of it. :)

You would think after that stint, we'd want to stay unknown.
Unfortunately, we also have a full body shot.

By the way, if you're wondering why I'm wearing that purple shit, it's because I want to suck up to the Malay people there.

If you believed that, you're dumb.
I wore it because I never wear that thing and because it's formal.
2 birds in a stone!

Anywho, while we were trading shoes, someone had problems keeping her shoes on.

She can walk, it's just her shoe that's broken.

A very typical scene.

Boys will talk animatedly.

Pak pak will tell lectures.

And wen tjun will act gayly.

I've already seen enough for a lifetime.

I'm finally in a picture!

You can't tell the diff from when I'm blinking and when I'm not. xD

Keluarga asas. (immediate family) + grandma.

And after all this picture-taking, our stomachs start to rumble and we head for the eating place where the food is kind of sucky BUT it's FREE!

Boleh tahan la...

The nicest view to have when you eat...

The best place in the house.

The fastest and biggest eater.

The nicest thing to eat.

The stupidest poses you can do.

Before we leave the mahkamah, we feel obliged to take pictures by the "grand" staircase.

ohmigosh my brother let me hug him!

Wo ai ni, baba.
(i love you daddy)

Mummy loves you too! :)

And now to the after partiee.
At overseas restaurant, subang parade.

The room with the karaoke. :)

As much as he looks like he is, he isn't singing.
He's giving a very loud speech for my daddy.

Look at jojo...
She's so excited!!!

And wen tjun too!

Okay maybe he's always like that...

My daddy is like stoning throughout all the speeches.
(even mine... :'()

Look at lala girl and rocker chic.
They're touched. :)

Flippy hair and rocker chic.

The official video man setting up his camera.

The overly-excited kids.

And the million dollar expression of my mum when she was asked to give an impromptu speech.

Her speech very smart.

Give credit to all the people there...

Daniels speech(so short i can remember):
I only have 2 words to say.
Pro leh!

That's 9 words you dungu!

Then my speech I just crapped along. x)

Then they presented my dad with a magical scroll!


Inside my dad's mind: "Shit, cannot read!"

Everyone earnestly awaits a translation and deciphering by the youngest brother.

Unfortunately he does it in cantonese so i'm totally lost... xP

So I waste time...

Kuan Zhou E.

Voted most likely to be lala.

Everybody is looking on earnestly as the speech is made.

What is really going on in their minds: "Shuttup so we can eat more food!"

The graceful seating position of my dad.

Now you know where it came from.

Me & jojo!

Stupid ditcher is here!!! :OOOOO

And we sang the night away....
("You are 16 going on 17...")

Anyway the next day, Sunday the i dunno what, it was my dad's office warming party.

The sign on the gate.

The nicely painted staircase leading to the office.

After all, image is everything!

What nyummy food do you provide for us today, daddy?


The awesome dishes.

Kambing curry!!! *slurp!*

Now for my dad's office in his office.

Well that sounds fancy-shmancy.

Brother totally utilises my dad's comp.

Bored kids with nothing to do...

You need this many degress and more to be as special as my dad.

Okay that's enough jabbering for one day.

Until we meet again :)