Thursday, April 30, 2009

Choir, I love you!

I can't believe choir is over!
Choir has seriously changed my life and it makes me so sad when I realize competition is over...

All the wonderful practices will be no more...
No more skipping class...
No more singing our beautiful choir songs...
And no more excuse to do stupid facial expressions... :DDDD

I just love the experience so much and am SO HAPPY to be in the pertandingan team.
Puan Gan nearly killed me by only announcing the final team members this morning!!!
Me & cheryl were very filled with emotion when we found out we were in!

Anyway here are the pictures.
I have very little cause i don't have that many friends in choir to take picture with and also, i didn't give my camera when they were taking group pictures.
Like how blonde is that?

The bus ride!
The bus had no air con by the way!

Su Wee camwhores! :O

Cheryl, me & nicola. :D
(awh... who's gonna stand with me next year? :()

More Su Wee camwhoring...

Must shame him for his vanity... :D

Nice face, Hua Jie.

We reach the place of the competition.


Refresh your old memories, ex-students of this fancy-shmancy school!

Me & Jia Ern.

One of my first form 5 friends from choir.
that's cause she's very friendly! :D

Same camera.


Me & my best buddy, carolling buddy & choir buddy, Cheryl! :D

I love you bingo~

The form 5 girl clique.

sorry i don't know what I can call them as a group. xP

My lovely brother!

Who said he doesn't like taking pictures?

Daniel & Su Wee acting "cool"

And some hyper bimbo at the side! :D

soon, it was time to put on our serious faces and head into the auditorium.

We are reminded what competition we are at and where we are...

look at all the aspiring choir teams.

Can you see us?

We're the light blue shirted group at the back.

I'm the very obvious mushroom head. :D

After testing the stage...

Haha we look so stupid!

We head back to our seats, earnestly awaiting the beginning of the competition.

The first team up,

Next was BU4!!!
I was so nervous when we went on stage that my cheeks were vibrating!
But that didn't stop me smiling!

And as you can see below, I uploaded the video of us singing tanah airku, our not-as-pro song because su wee didn't record the phantom of the opera for me!!! T.T
Oh well, thank you, su wee, anyway! :)

Didn't that make you feel like loving your country? :D
Speaking of patriotism, did I mention the other day, Puan Liao aka popiah asked me, yinyin & cheryl to teach the class how to sing negaraku, duli yang maha mulia & the school anthem? And we were semi succesful, right cheryl? :D

Anyway back to the topic of choir competition,
the next team...


I like this team because after the competition I went to talk to them & they're friendly!
And I think I know some of them because alot of them are from SKDU. :O

Next up, catholic!
Honestly i don't know their full school name, i just know that we call them catholic for short. xD

The guy on the utmost left is UBER FUNNY!
He's so super expressive.
And he looked like he was dancing!

Forgot what school.

When the conductor claps, they turn! Cuteness!

And i have no more.


Now for the winners...
Wait nope, this fella wants a speech first...

Oh great, keep us sweating & shaking in our seats while you babble...

Finally the results:

Best conductor:


wait where's the 4?
Dammit not Tan Juan la!

And the final 3:

3rd place: Catholic school.

At this point, all our hopes were high.
The defending champs for 2 years straight I think lost their title!!!

2nd place:
The atmosphere was tense.
Everyone was praying and crossing their fingers...


I know 2nd place isn't bad but our school has been second place ever since we joined the competition...
Everyone especially the seniors were extremely dissapointed.

Of course DJ was screaming with joy...
Lucky people... :(

Everyone keeps telling me, you always have next year.
But I know choir won't be the same without all of the form 5s...
Sorry, we couldn't make you proud, Puan Gan.
And thank you, choir team for making us the best choir team in our hearts! ^^

Oh yes & alot of photo credits to Su Wee. :)

Happy 100th post, Christine!!! :D
And here is my full body shot as an imposter form 5 prefect.
1 day of fame & power! Mwahahaha!