Monday, April 6, 2009

Kala Ohana

"Ohana means family,
Family means nobody gets left behind."
quoted from Lilo & Stitch.
The cartoon show that made me cry. >.<

And who wouldn't?

Anyway, family day!
Probably the most gay carnival I've ever been to!
So few stalls and nothing much to do!

The worst part being....

The mud!

Some parts were so muddy I force Kadri to carry me because I didn't want to dirty my shoes!!!

But I really enjoyed it anyway mainly because

1. I bought alot of pretty clothes!

And you know I have a weakness for clothes!
And I became Nicola, Soon Yi & Yan Yun's stall's number one customer!
Five items from there!

One of them is these pretty snowflake.

And the following clothes that I'm wearing.

That's just an excuse to post pictures of us camwhoring!

By the way, I wasn't especially satisfied with the clothes I bought.
As you can see, the black one is REALLY loose at the wrong places!
I'm holding the back now so it's not so bad...

2. The company

I mean, anywhere you go with your band of retards is bound to be fun right?
And I got to see Mallek who I haven't seen in AGES!

And oh crap, he grew! :(

3. The lame games!

I only played the SUPER lame games!
Firstly, the grabbing nuts game.

Cool right?

My machine lagged so Jeremy let me win.
How nice! :)

Oh and see what the doofus by the name of Cheryl Anne did.

She ate all the nuts and she let me take her picture with the proof!

Then of course the water gun fight thingamajiggy!

Me and yau just wanted to make the other cry challenge each other...
(you know, mataharian kiasu syndrome...)

Yes and guess who emerged victorious?

Duh, moi! :)

Damn! No picture of me in the bright yellow raincoat totally owning Yau at the game!

Oh and last but not least, Kumon challenge!

You are required to arrange the numbers 1-100 as quick as you can.
Two people play against each other and if you win your opponent, you get a notebook!

The winners of each round's times:

Jarrod - 3: 30 sumting
Christine - 3:40 sumting
Abigail - 5: sumting

And before you go thinking why Abigail got so bad relative to us, let me give you the explanation.

Firstly, she still beat Cheryl by ALOT.
Secondly, me and JJ are smart!
Haha don't mind me! I'm a perasan happy person cause I beat Yau yet again! :D
Seriously though, don't get offended by these comments.

Then there was another game by the Kumon people where you answer Math's question.

Cheryl & Bee got so bored they quit.

Jarrod beat us all again. T.T
Screw you & your quick brain!

4. Food

What nice food do they got there?

Okay frankly,
I LOVE YOU, KADRI'S SISTER! (sorry I don't know your name! >.<)

Anywho, later on, we went to 1 utama for a fantabulous lunch.
Yes, we're too high class to eat the shitty food from the carnival. xD

Anyway we ate at Fish & Co. since Yau was bugging us to try the rm9.90 "the best fish & chips in town!" since like forever.
And yes, that's really the name on the menu.

This is what fish & chips look like really close!

Yes, so those are my very good reasons why I had fun.
Now don't YOU wish you had come?


And now the moment you've all been waiting for, friends...

Our acting psycho pictures!!!
Are you sure it's acting?

From left: Emo Bee (how DO you do that frown???!!!), fry assaulter, stoner.

Why still so sad Bee??

Oh, that's why!

Random picture of JayJay.

Did anyone realiza he's wearing his Chelsea shirt...

Cheryl: "....Retarded!"
Christine: "Ohmigosh!"

When you're happy and you know it...

Let JJ and Abigail take a picture of you laughing like a lunatic! :D

That's so unfair!
It's balas dendam time!

You're welcome
You're welcome
You're welcome
You're welcome
You're welcome

For thanking me for getting this awesome shot of you! :D

And now a picture of stoner...
Or Big Mac? Was it?

This was seriously his face the whole time...
Why? Thinking of hot girl izzit? ;)

Now it's time for our ugly side!

let's see what happens when you boast that you can make your eyes white!

You end up taking a really unglam picture like this!!!

Heres us doing "The Stupid"!

Aslan wannabees.

Aslan wannabees and psychopath pervert face.

Now as we do at every gathering,

The LALA attempts!

Me and cheryl just can't lala!
So we do the opposite!

The GOTH attempt!

And we manage to make the Goth look like the "junkies with imsomnia".

Meanwhile, what have Jarrod and Bee been doing?

They never have any fun!!!

Anyway it's about time we head back to the carnival as Abigail has to work her 1-3pm shift.

And me & Yau bought cookies at this time!
And I left my wallet there!
I thought I lost it!
But the kind family of Kadri Nizam kept it safe!
Another reason to love that family!

Anywho we were just leaving to walk back to 1u when...

A sudden anticipated downpour drenched us all!
I say anticipated because Cheryl kept bugging us to leave 'cause it was drizzling and the sky didn't look promising but we didn't cause we were looking for our buddehs!

Anyway, we were soaked!

How nutballs dry themselves in 1 Utama.

It's alot funnier in real life!

Tried to get a picture of Mallek dripping wet but he's so shy!

Total opposite of Cheryl who jumps into my pictures!!!

Here, you want a shot, I take a shot with you la...

No artificial rain water added for the purpose of this picture.
We really were that soaked!

I got a picture of Mallek!

See? Not so bad is it??

Anyway we didn't do much at 1 u at this point because here is where I realized I lost my wallet.

So I searched the 1u's vicinity and it wasn't to be found.
Then the psychic Cheryl told me it would be at the carnival!
So when the rain receeded I ran back with her!

And like I said...
I love Kadri's family!!!

Soon the sun shone brightly in the sky again!
(Malaysian weather.... haihz!)

So we hung out with Jeremy at his sister's stall!
They all try to con me to buy more clothes! (and i did!)

See the hot promoter Jeremy Tang showing off his cleavage!

So unfair man!
Who can resist his charm? :)

Cheryl, look closely at this picture and the one before... ;)

Hmm... Jeremy may look hot in that...
But can Abigail look better?

Jeremy has more boobs.
I'm kiddin' Bee! :)

So as the day ended, free stuff was abundance as people wanted to get rid of their stock!
And that's how we got our free fish!

So Christine, the animal lover, suggested we free the poor fishes into the big pond!

Unfortunately I made the bad decision of letting Cheryl do the pouring while I took a picture of her. This resulted in majority of the fish getting stuck in the grass at the side of the pond because Cheryl poured it too close.

Can you see where she's pouring?

Anyway, the carnival was ending so we all went home.

We all excluding Christine & Cheryl that is!
And I got to see the two different sides of Cheryl.
(which I knew all along but never had proof on camera!)

The old lady aunty.

She's buying parsley!

The hyperactive 5 year old.

That pink and brown blur is Cheryl.
Outside this thing was a clear sign that said


But that didn't stop Cheryl!

This guy did though!

Haha! Lucky I didn't join her!


Yes and that concludes my rambling for the day.

and the moral of the story is....

Never wear nice shoes to places with grass.