Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did you notice...

I cut my hair?

Now I look freaking nerdy!!!
Compare to before picture:

It feels better short though!
And anyway I am a nerd so screw those people who think I look funneh!
Because I don't care! :D

Anywho I decide on this day April 3rd to blog about April fools day!
Hey, it's still April!
Which means I can totally still play pranks right??? :)

Some of the pranks I did:

Mum. Christine.

Mum, i have something to tell you.

What is it?

But you have to promise not to tell anyone especially dad.

Okay. What?

Mum, I'm coupling with Jarrod.

Hm... Okay... *tries to show no emotions*

*thinks: what kind of reaction is that?*
Oh ya, mum...



Whew! What a relief!

Hahahahahahhahahahah!!!! I can't believe you believed that!

Ya la. I forgot it was April's fools day. You could have at least picked someone better-looking!

OH!!!!!!! I'm telling Jarrod!!!

Prank no.2:

Cheryl. Christine.

Cheryl, *insert name of guy I like here* just SMSed me!!! I don't know how he got my number!

Hohoho! What did he say?


Another lame prank.

Ashley Cheong. Christine.

Dude, your pants aren't zipped!

*looks down*


And if you're a blurshit, I guess you wouldn't have realised it was Aiman and Liqi's birthday on this special day!
No wonder Liqi so joker...

And I was nicely playing in the music room with Kadders and Shevel when I hear screaming!

Aerial view of Aiman getting floured!

I hope Puan Lee doesn't read my blog and find out I brought camera to school... >.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Puan Lee: That is not allowed!!! *sticks hand out to take the phone*

Christine: *talking to pizza delivery guy* Ha? *does blur face*

You know that is not allowed!
Prefect, why never catch her?
*suddenly walks away*


Wah! Lucky!
Thank god she got bipolar disorder or my phone rampas already!
It was after school somemore man!
What's her problem!!!!???
I think she stalks me!
The other day just 1 second before I finish eating in class, she came in and started scolding me!
Maybe I should just become smarter at hiding... >.< PINK mouse!!!

Ohmigosh! Kawaiiness!!!