Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh My Green I have cheerleading pictures of blue house!
Courtesy of the lovely Yau Hui Min who had the smarts to take pictures for a dumb bimbo who didn't think to get someone to do it for her. xD

Let me guide you through what we are doing... :D

The end of cheer.

See! A full scorpion dudes!
(I'm the one you can't see at all! :))

Show and go.

Whoops, counted too fast!
I'm the base holding up sophea's left foot!
That's the stunt group nearest to the camera. :)

Basket toss >>> Pike.

This isn't wrong timing, it's like that!

Two full extensions.

We moved, so if you can see, I'm the butt facing you in the stunt group all the way at the end.

Normal dancing.

This part is actually really cool and is one of my favs but this is halfway in between moves.
I'm assuming I'm not out of count because majority of people are at my position including soon yi and jou ee and jun yen so that must mean I'm right, right? xD

By the way, spot me if you can! ;)


Silly yau take when our routing is over and people are cradling!

And see what jumping, cartwheeling and basing did to my shoes!

Then I wanted a picture as the sad, dirty cheerleader.

Haha! Looks damn fake!

And if you thought THIS was bad, tarik tali is WAY worse!
*refer to last post*

It was so bad that I threw away my shoes!

Easy to replace ma...
Bata only cost like what? rm30?
And either way, my shoes so rotten to start with!

But wait I have a surprise for you all!

Blue house cheerleading routine!
The whole thing caught on tape!
(Thank you Jyy Yeen!)
Sofia told me about it so I fast fast go steal!
Jowynna, go watch it because I want you to see me! xD

By the way, don't laugh at our stunts, our timing was 2-3 counts off xP
We do usually do a better job!

Anyway here it is:

Our first place winning routine! xD
Don't worry other housers, 3 of 4 of our bases are leaving next year so the probability of us doing anything pro is really low...

Oh well! At least we have the flyers and back supports and front supports! :D
Wait, Jun Yen is leaving too!

Speaking of which, I got a picture with the best flyer of all time, Sofia!

Awh... I love you!
I hope you can be my flyer until I leave the school! :)
You better not migrate halfway through!

And here are the leftovers I stole home from our celebration party
(which was a total flop because everyone had to leave! :( )

Oh well! Free food!(from our hamper we won)

And that's all I have to say...

For now...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The awesomity of our cheerleaders & marchers! :D

Because I didn't have the tact to get someone to take pictures of me cheerleading or take pictures of marchers, all the pictures you are about to see are not taken by me and will be fully accredited to their rightful photographers whom I stole from without asking so they won't sue me! xD

Now anyway, here are your mascots!

Hweii Chee's blog.

Zoey is so cute as Tinkerbell!!!

Blue house marchers actually marching!


Awh... Don't they make cute clowns? :)

3 pictures below from Hweii Chee's blog.




And dude, when I look at EVERYONE I can think of's blog for cheerleading, majority of them have ALL the houses...


So I have no pictures to remember our win at all! :(

And for that, I'm not putting any other house's cheerleading!

And after tedious looking through people's blog for a picture of blue house cheerleading (all I'm asking for is 1 picture! ONE!!! How hard can it be???) I finally find a picture of me!

Though it's not the glamorous cheerleading...

It's me falling on the mud and giving a constipated face during tarik tali!
Give me a break!


Can you see me? I'm fifth from the front falling down and looking all grossed out because I just got mud on my rm49 skirt from blook!
(but the mud totally came out of that easily! The shirt though... Well, let's just say I'm not wearing it again...)

And you know what?

I'm still waiting for my picture with the cup from jou ee!
I want to print it and frame it!
It's the first time I won a cup!!!

But I don't even get the picture... :(

And where's the food from the hamper? xD

*gluttonous grimace!*

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not for the weak stomachs...

You know what insect I hate?


If there is a more annoying, ugly insect that loves to meet me I'll eat my socks.

Did I tell you bout the time that one crawled up my leg?

And did I tell you about the time it happened again??????!!!!!!


On to a more interesting and less disgusting thing,

Mating Snails!

So cute right!
My mum took this picture I think.

Look at the little white sticky thingy coming out!
This is nature in action!

And now, a freakishly disgusting thing if you see it in real life.
Or rather my picture sucks because I didn't want to stay there too long taking a picture 'cause it's so gross!

You see, every year when my family goes to Batu Pahat, Johor for CengBeng, we stay at the best hotel this small town has to offer.

The Katrina Hotel.
Rated 4 St*rs

Still the condition is deteriorating over the years(we've been going there since I was born) and even the roof leaks at certain parts now.

So this should be no surprise.

If your a total blindshit, lemme tell you what it is.

It's a giant mutant spider surrounded with mini mutant spiders.
(okay, they weren't MUTANT)

I found them while playing with my baby cousin on the staircase...

Gross right?

But anywho, we'll keep coming back to this hotel filled with so many memories.
Do we have a choice?

And anyway, there's always the very-much-loved spazz Spazzo restaurant which me and my cousins only just realized after 14 years for me how it really does look like Spazz! :D
(as in spastic person if you're not fluent in urban word evolution)

Ah... I remember all the good times.

Teaching my little cousin to say my name...
Eating like a glutton...
Running around till we fall flat on our faces...

Good times, good times. :)

And that's all the random jibberish I have for now! Tata!

Friday, March 27, 2009

SMKBUD (4) Sport's day 2009!

Motions Motions,
What a bore!
We don't do them anymore!

Our moves rock this floor,

Blue! What you waiting for?

B-L-U-E! Blue house! We can't be beat!
B-L-U-E! Blue house, will take the lead!
F-I-G-H-T! Fight! With pride!
This is our year so Blue, UNITE!!!



Champions! x'DDDDDDD
After we took our trophy, I was literally crying out of joy!
Staying back till 4.30 everyday (except Tuesday) was worth it!!!
Though, it's really fun too and I miss it already! :'(
Hopefully, malam bakat we'll perform? :D

But anyway back to the point...
You know what, when you think about it, it makes alot of sense us winning!
The following is directed to those who think green or yellow should have won.
(that means you, cheryl & jeremy!!!)

I mean come on!

Look at our stunts!

We have:
2 pike basket tosses
2 show and goes
2 full extensions + 2 full extensions
1 half extension
1 ground up to scorpion

The only thing they do that we don't is yellow's backward leggy flippy thingy!
In fact I think we have the most stunts because we have one song totally dedicated to stunts!

And we had drummers too! Who were awesome by the way!!!
And there's no need for people to say we cheated because green got liqi, wen han and hwa jie to do double whips and yie hong did flips for red!

Our choreography was also creative incorporating a lot of ballet and neck breaking moves. :)
And it's very high-energy!
(thank you soon yi, jun yen, jou ee and a lil' bit of delia :) )

I know we were very perky and smiley throughout it all even when our music was retarded!
One team was giving the teachers tent tulan faces when they're music was screwed up.
I mean, I was scared and they were looking the other way!
The whole time I was smiling like a psycho at Puan Lee and she was returning my smile! :D

I love our make-up and clothes too!
I did my own make up and I got compliments! :D

That made my day!
And our skirt was one of the cheapest and it's quite nice! :D

See the outfit! :D

Cute no? :)

We also had that awesome sparkle at the beginning!
I mean the confetti we threw.
Last year everyone said it was nice but this year no one said anything because they saw it last year.
Fortunately, alot of parents and the pengetua didn't see it! :D


maybe they really did minus marks on wednesday's rabtai when we were the only cheerleaders who were on time!


Anyway... We sooooo deserve it! So there.
In your face, Jeremy and Cheryl, you can go die, I hate you.

Regarding our blue house marching getting last,


Did you realize that yellow house who practice half an hour extra than everybody everyday got third?
And blue house who everyone expected to get either first or second got LAST?

I have deduced it is simply because the people who judge the marching, base it COMPLETELY on the outfits!

That's why Wan Hong the gladiator action figure managed to snatch the prize!
And honestly our outfits were quite gay except for Dong Quan & Joo Yi.

Joo Yi
(I wanted Dong Quan too!)
and if you look closely, Puan Nora is in the middle!

speaking of which, I camwhored with her too!

Blue House for Blue House!

So don't be so sad, Jarrod.
And Tim Lim.
And Naj.
And all the other Blue House Marchers.
Because now that you know this secret to sucess, you can win next year! :DD
(Except for the form 5s... Sorry guys. But anyway, to win, you have to lose, right?)

I love you, Blue House Marchers! You became ten shades blacker for us! :)

So they cover it all up with white powder on their faces! :D

Blue House Cheerleader & Gay Man Blue House Marcher

Christine and her Brother camwhore! XD

This is called the Evil Clown.

They're supposed to be clowns by the way because the theme is:

See! A ferris wheel!

Hmm... Needs more lights and sparkles!

Lots of carousels!

Little kid wants to ride the carousel!

Me at our beautiful Blue House tent!

stupid picture-taker. Let's get a better picture of the front. :D

There's even a roller coaster on the tent!
(damn! Didn't get a picture!)

No wonder Blue House's Tent Deco got first! :D

Though I really love Greens too because the theme is so magical!
(still don't know the exact theme, but I know it has leprechauns!)

Admire the cuteness of green deco!!!


omg monkey!!!


Magical rainbow!!!

Happy tree friends!!!!! And turtle. :)

And I like this part of red's. :D

Stupid picture-taker didn't get the whole car. :(
Oh well! I got to meet Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star!

Yellow's deco kinda sucked. xP
(sorry, but it's true!)

This was the only interesting piece...

When I saw it from my tent I went...

"Ohmigosh! Is that a person? It's so creepy!!!"

Well, at least they tried! :D

All the tents from afar...

Now our camwhore pictures.
Skip if your allergic to bimboticity(?)

Cheryl & Christine.

Yau & Christine.

Cheryl & Yau.

Cheryl & Christine

Now Christine presents:
How to run the way my friends do!

Get Kadri to fix out all twisted/strained/sprained/uncomfortable muscles.

Step 2: Stretch.

Yes, that's how Yau stretches.

Step 3: Give your friends your stuff to keep then fiddle with yourself hair.

Step 4: RUN!!!!

Step 5: Collect your medal! :D

Yay, best friends who are runners!!!
Except Jeremy!

I hate him since he did the opposite of what I did for him!
Stupid asshole I support him when he run so much and then I do tarik tali he insults me!!!
Cheerleading also. T.T

Anyway I did tarik tali in my cheer uniform 'cause I forgot to bring a change of clothes. xD
And there was so much water!!!
Not mud, WATER!

So duh our whole team slipped and my RM84 cheer outfit got muddy like hell!
And that amount is not counting my undergarments and tights which also got mud in them!

Clothes being soaked.

After tarik tali, it was very emotional 'cause all the results were announced.

And I saw a LOT of boys crying.
You rarely see that, you know?
But they had a right to.
Though it was really difficult to empathize with Jarrod when I was so happy after being announced CHAMPIONS for cheerleading!


And after a long day of sports, it's nice to relax with pizza!


I know I'm fat but give me a break, cheer made me lose 1.5kg! :D

And you can totally see how much darker I got by comparing it to my plastered part.

Yes I know my plaster is weird shaped.

By the way, those bruises are from catching Sophia's butt. Lose weight, girl!
(Just kidding)

And that's all for now!
Would have posted earlier, but I wanted to put pictures of me cheerleading which were with yau which in the end is taking TOO long.
But when I do get them, I'll totally scare you all with them! :D