Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh My Green I have cheerleading pictures of blue house!
Courtesy of the lovely Yau Hui Min who had the smarts to take pictures for a dumb bimbo who didn't think to get someone to do it for her. xD

Let me guide you through what we are doing... :D

The end of cheer.

See! A full scorpion dudes!
(I'm the one you can't see at all! :))

Show and go.

Whoops, counted too fast!
I'm the base holding up sophea's left foot!
That's the stunt group nearest to the camera. :)

Basket toss >>> Pike.

This isn't wrong timing, it's like that!

Two full extensions.

We moved, so if you can see, I'm the butt facing you in the stunt group all the way at the end.

Normal dancing.

This part is actually really cool and is one of my favs but this is halfway in between moves.
I'm assuming I'm not out of count because majority of people are at my position including soon yi and jou ee and jun yen so that must mean I'm right, right? xD

By the way, spot me if you can! ;)


Silly yau take when our routing is over and people are cradling!

And see what jumping, cartwheeling and basing did to my shoes!

Then I wanted a picture as the sad, dirty cheerleader.

Haha! Looks damn fake!

And if you thought THIS was bad, tarik tali is WAY worse!
*refer to last post*

It was so bad that I threw away my shoes!

Easy to replace ma...
Bata only cost like what? rm30?
And either way, my shoes so rotten to start with!

But wait I have a surprise for you all!

Blue house cheerleading routine!
The whole thing caught on tape!
(Thank you Jyy Yeen!)
Sofia told me about it so I fast fast go steal!
Jowynna, go watch it because I want you to see me! xD

By the way, don't laugh at our stunts, our timing was 2-3 counts off xP
We do usually do a better job!

Anyway here it is:

Our first place winning routine! xD
Don't worry other housers, 3 of 4 of our bases are leaving next year so the probability of us doing anything pro is really low...

Oh well! At least we have the flyers and back supports and front supports! :D
Wait, Jun Yen is leaving too!

Speaking of which, I got a picture with the best flyer of all time, Sofia!

Awh... I love you!
I hope you can be my flyer until I leave the school! :)
You better not migrate halfway through!

And here are the leftovers I stole home from our celebration party
(which was a total flop because everyone had to leave! :( )

Oh well! Free food!(from our hamper we won)

And that's all I have to say...

For now...