Saturday, March 7, 2009

He gets an ice cream cake too.

Lucky brother.

Oh well, I still eat it. :D


Later on he mentioned, "This had better not go on your blog!"

Ha, what? Didn't hear you lor, sorry!

And with every baskin robbins ice cream cake, comes dry ice.

What happens when you wet dry ice.

Chemistry lesson courtesy of my mother:

When the dry ice stops bubbling and releasing white stuff,

Increase the surface area exposed to water by cutting it!

I love having a chemistry teacher as a mom.
And add maths and biology and physics and english teacher too.

Bubble, you thing!

Not only does my brother get an ice cream cake, he gets another brownie walnut cake from Secret Recipe!
(it's actually just 6 slices of brownies put together)

Two elmos emos and a cake.

But no worries, the limelight is on Christine again soon enough.

A long time ago, my mother was given a diamond ring by my father when she gave birth to my big kor kor daniel.

Me to my daddy : Ha??? What about me??? :((

Daddy: Okay, next time daddy buy mummy a diamond ring for you.

Mum can't complain!

Years later, the day has come!

And Diamonds are a girls best friend!
*starts singing the song*

Haha, I just tried all the stuff for fun.
Not like my mum bought so many...

My dad's friend and diamond seller with my mother. :)

Thank you lady! You made my dreams come true!!!
I mean my mum's.

And it would have been the nicest Saturday I had in a long while since we kept on having choir early in the morning...
(Don't get me wrong, I love choir. Waking up early though...)

But NO...
Some cousin of mine had to drag me out of my bed and force me to take pictures of her school. =.=

This is her.

I want your skinny legs!!!

My photography skills are so bullshit and she's asking me to do this.
But hey... what are cousins for right?

At least I had a good laugh here.



wo mei you shuo shen me.

I would totally complain more but my relatives read my blog.

Ok then BYE BYE!