Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is an electone?

Many a times when people ask me whether I learn any instruments and I answer electone, people go:

"HA??? What's that?"

This is an electone, people.

See it, memorize it and then smash it.

My electone just happens to be an EL-100.

Damn gay model. Don't buy it. It was on cheap sale.

Basically, an electone is like ae piano in a way but...

There are 3 layers.

The keys are softer to press.

You can control the type of sound you want to come out by pressing buttons.
(sort of like an electrical keyboard)

And also, you can add extra rhythms and stuff.

And lastly, the syllabus is ALOT easier!
Except for the hearing, but to me, it's damn easy. xD
Oh yea, and we start from grade 13 and make our way down.
Strange no?

Now how to play the electone.

Step 1: Press the Power button to switch it on.

Don't worry, nothing's gonna self-destruct.

Step 2: Open book to song of your choice and place it on the holder thingy.

That's my favourite song. The entertainer. :D

Step 3: If you're higher grade like me (finished grade 7), take a diskette from your overstuffed diskette box...

And put it in this diskette eater.

Now you can press play and you can start playing your song of choice. :D

Now you know what it is, get your mother to let you learn it! :D

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note,

I have succesfully finished reading all the Chronicles of Narnia in a span of two months!

Shut up! I was busy!

And now I'm moving on to Jane Austen books.

I think this is a shortened version though. If anyone has the real versions, lend me!!!

I'm talking to you, Kelly!

And on that, I bid you farewell!