Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of my "beautiful" works of art.

Christine attempts to wow the world with her artwork. xD
Yea right.

My handprint.

And yes I put my name there so people won't steal it and say it's theirs cause I actually think this one looks rather gorgeous.

Really random drawing.

But I like it. xD

With crayons.

With water colour pencils.

Lesson learned. Don't let Christine use water colour pencils for art.

Tie dye.

Puan Lee made us do this for art. :D

My superhero.

Or rather, me, the superhero.
I know I look more like a villain.


When I grow up...

I wanna be the owner of a kopitiam :D

No, I'm just kidding. But it would be cool, wouldn't it?

Then everyday when you have your daily coffee at my kopitiam, you could see me mingling with my customers and spiting their drinks to make them addicted to my coffee.


So anyway, I'm sure alot of you have given some thought about the future and all that crap but there's one fool-proof way to find out what life will be like next time for you.

What? Go see fortune teller?

No! Who believes in that???
My way is alot more simple and much more reliable.

So anyway I tested my formula on Abigail.
This is her results:


She will marry Jeremy.
Drive a CRV.
Live in an apartment.
Work as a rockstar.
Have 2 kids.
Her smartness is OK
Her richness is OK.

Abigail when she found out her results. >>> :)
And I believe it COULD happen.

Now we move on to Cheryl.


She will marry Illyas.
Drive some Proton gay shit.
Live on a newspaper on the streets.
Work as a doctor.
Have no kids.
Her richness is OK.
Her smartness is OK.

Again, so possible!!!
After all, Cheryl does not want to have any kids.

And then it was my turn.


I will marry that person that Cheryl keeps guessing but can't guess
Drive a Pink Kancil.
Live in a Pink Mansion.
Work as a CEO.
Have 5 kids.
My smartness is OK.
My richness is poor.

I think that is DAMN accurate. :D
Except for me being poor...
Hey, maybe its just an economic crisis.

Yes so by now, Yau was exclaiming how likely this fortune is and she was going:
"It's so true! It's so true!"

So now it's her turn.
And the results still sound very accurate to me.


She will marry Wan Hong.
Drive a tuk tuk with a horn.
Live in a cardboard box.
Work as a stripper.
Have 13 kids.
Her richness is OK.
Her smartness is OK.

That shut her up about the authencity of this all.
Though i still think it's real. ;)

But anyway, the future is not set in stone and things could change.
Though whatever it is, I hope Yau gets a tuk tuk with a horn!!!

With love,

Friday, February 27, 2009

SomeTHREE are getting old.

Hahahahhahahahhaah! Get it??? SomeTHREE! Instead of someONE!!!
Okay, no one's laughing but that's probably only because you didn't get my joke!
To get it continue reading :D

Reading the rest does not make this joke any less lame than it already is.

Anyway, on the 25th of February -that's a Tuesday for those who don't own calendars- we celebrated the birthday of a very important person in my life.
Who is that ah? Your grandma ah?

No, but she very well could be! XD
It's Yau Hui Min!

And doesn't she look excited??? :D

But wait! Don't you wanna know why I said someTHREE???
I'm sure you don't but I'll tell you anyway.
The very next day, was the ultra-special twins's - Xin Ling and Zhou Ling- birthday too!
How cool is that?

So three of my friends celebrated their birthdays within two days!

Why am i so fascinated by this?
Maybe I'm born like this.
Maybe it's Maybelline.

Anyway, on the subject I like most...
Getting to know yau, getting to know all about yau.
When I'm with yau, getting to know what to say.


Try again, Christine.

*deep breath*

What is a Yau in my definition?

A "special" bimbotic, nerd who is damn kiasu and has an ego the size of Russia.
Or China. Whichever's bigger.

But on the other hand, Yau is also a bootilicious, optimistic, fun-loving friend who never fails to make me laugh at her goofiness. :D

Oh yea and I forgot something.
Her smile lights up the room :D


Like literally as well as metaphorically speaking. What with all that metal...

Now as it is her birthday week, of course I must put some unglam pics of her on my blog so we can laugh with her. Not AT her. :D

Just some of the good times:-

Cheer '08.

Cheryl's birthday. :D

Last day of school.

Eating chicken wings.

Anyway, since she is so special, like of course we'll do a celebration for her at school!
Since she ain't having a party. :(

Anyway, we bought her a cake and kept it in Jarrod's class so it would be a surprise.
Surprisingly, she did not even suspect anything when all of a sudden, we didn't care about booking the table we sit at everyday and instead were stalling with some stupid maths questions.

Of course, we sang her a birthday song and everyone got caked.

Cake in hair,
cake in face,
and some cake on Yau's Rm100 specially-tailored baju kurung.

But hey, she didn't mind!

Cheers to Yau!
and a Happy New Year! Birthday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

What happen to my Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies????

That box was supposed to be full!
I don't even know anyone who likes eating cookies in my family.
Well, not as much as me, at least.
My mother is not a particular fan of Famous Amos cookies and my dad avoids cookies altogether.
So the only person who could have eaten them is...


No one. I repeat, NO ONE touches my cookies.
It's not even yours, Christine!

I have proof he's a cookie thief.

My cousin, Shyn Yi, baked special chocolate chip cookies for me and my family cause she was leaving for australia and we had one full jar.
Then I like ate 1/4 of the cookies inside of it.
What? A girl gets hungry!
Then somehow magically the next day...


And my brother admitted eating all of that!
No wonder he's getting chubby!

Btw, Shyn Yi, if you still read my blog, thank you so much for the cookies, I love them!!!
Just that so little. xDDD

Wanna see the cookie up close?
I know you do!


Mmm... cookielicious.

Speaking of cookies, Yau gave each of us a giant cookie on Valentine's day.
But I took the smallest by accident. T.T

Bee gave me a card and spammed my name on it.:D



I love your randomness, Bee.

My exams just finished on friday and I would like to impart some knowledge based on what I have learned during the exam period.

NO, I'm NOT gonna bore you with sejarah tips or whatever because for this test,
I did not study AT ALL.

Seriously, I played with my dance mat the whole time.

Anyway, I'm gonna tell you some really cool things that you can do after an exam you totally don't care about is over and you're sitting on your chair forced to not make any noise at all.
No guarantee that a teacher won't catch you or my "cool" things are not actually lame.

Option 1: The obvious one, sleeping.

awh! A kitty!

Tip: Use a pencil box to cushion your head instead of resting on your arms and preventing blood circulation :D
Thanks, JJ!

Option 2: Find someone sitting near you to play charades with you.

My personal favourite type is "guess the animal" as it's simple and fun to do.

Option 3: Build tall and highly unstable miniature buildings out of your stationary.

Then throw an eraser at it and watch it fall!!!

Option 4: Draw on your test paper.

I'm positive that everyone does this to some extent but not many do the full power conteng that I do.
(on top was only a minor example)

If your worried that you'll get punished, don't!
And if you're still not convinced, bring some paper for you to draw on.
Heck, bring your own crayons too!
(Just like my genius of a friend Cheryl did)

Her art.

I stole her crayons. xD

Option 5: Bring a rope and try to lasso as many things as you can.

And if you're not a lasso-ing type, you can always practice your knots for your next scouts/krs/whatever-unit test!
But remember to not tie the rope around your neck when Pn. Nora is there or she'll cekik you!

Option 6: Make paperballs and throw them at people.

But make sure you act all innocent afterwards or else dozens will come flying back at you.

Option 7: Put your fringe down flat on your face and try blowing it up like Free Willy.

If your new at this, this should be enough to entertain you for a full 5 seconds!
And if you get your friends to do it too, you get to laugh at how stupid they look!

Option 8: Play F1 racing with your friends around you.

With the water drinker and everything!
If your teacher's a blurshit, you can even do sounds!

I hope these ideas help YOU get over boredom in exams.
*claps hands*!

Did I mention I got a pet fish for our class?
His name is Fish Buddy.
I named him after Bubble Buddy from Spongebob!

I caught him by picking up a cup that fell in the fish pond and there you go!
Our very own pet fish!
And it's been living in my care since Tuesday and it hasn't died!
I think it lives off the algae in the cup.

Oh and I almost forgot something verrrrrrrry important.

I got Ryan Kong to join choir!

Pn. Gan's very own son. :D

*does a victory dance*

With my super persuasive skills, he has agreed to join choir on one condition.
I play audition.
That reminds me, I'm supposed to play today!

Anyway, as long as I keep my part of the bargain, Ryan and his perfect pitch will join choir!
Watch out all you other sucky schools in the daerah!
BU4 Choir is gonna kick your little butts!

And that is all for now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A tip to feel good about yourself.

Have you ever had the feeling that you're not special enough?
That other people can do so many things that you can't do?

Well, in preparation for the next time you get that feeling...
Find something really cool and special about yourself that you're really good at or only a selected few can do.

Then you can call yourself special and you're not lying to yourself!
Yes, I'm special too!

For you it may be something simple or more common like running, drawing or swimming.
Or maybe you can do something that your friends can't like squatting down properly, touching your toes or licking your nose.

Well, I have two really COOL and really SPECIAL abilities.


I can put my fingers around my ankle!

so far, I only met 2 people who can do this.
Michelle and Cheryl.

Don't believe the picture? Ask me to show you!

Before I tell you my second ability, I must ask...

Do you believe that it is impossible to lick your elbow?

Because frankly, I've been to a science centre that said that human's can not lick their elbows. The words were written on those types of windows where you can see through one side but the other side is opaque. So you can see lots of people trying to do it through the other side.

This is where I first discovered my ability.

The dark spot there really is my elbow so ha!!! In your face you dumb science centre!

Don't believe the picture? Ask me to show you!

Anyway, my point is, find something you can do that is special and be gayly proud of it.
Then, there will never be a moment in your life that your friends don't get bloody annoyed with you you're unconfident about yourself. :D

Oh yea and I'm tall too.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day, a time of love.
But few know the actual story of how Valentine's day came to be.

A long time ago in Rome, a new king passed out a law that men could not marry so that nothing would prevent them from going to war. A lot of people, including Saint Valentine did not support the new law. So, Saint Valentine kept performing marriage ceremonies secretly. When he was found out, he was sentenced to jail and was put to death. However before he was killed, a daughter of one of the guards visited him and he gave her a note saying "Love from your Valentine."

February 14th is this Saint's Feast Day and also the day he was put to death.

And from there came this overly commercialize version of Valentines Day.
But it's okay, we love commercialized things, don't we?
(especially if it involves chocolate!!!)

Mmm... Chocolate...

Now back to more important matters!

My dungu of a cousin finally decided to upload twister pictures from CNY time.

I won that game!
Well, more like draw because my opponent was too kiasu to give up either and we had already played it 2 hours straight.

Speaking of CNY, on the last day of CNY, aka Cap Goh Meh, it's the last chance to party hard for this whole year! :(

We must pig out!!!

If you're wondering: "Why's she as red as a beetroot?"

Well, this is why!

That's not wine, that's ribena. :D
Ribena makes you turn red, don't you know?

I'll do extra camwhoring because I won't see you for soooo long, my darling...

What? We look drunk?
We're not la! Our body is just reacting to alcohol!

We may not be drunk, but some people were.
And when people are drunk, they are led to believe and do crazeee things.

He believes he can fly...

He believes he can touch the sky...
sadly though, he can't...
Awh... Don't cry!

And since our last dinner was at a karaoke place, obviously cousins karaoke-ed!

This pic not so cool cause all the cool karaoke times, i can't take picture cause I'm in it.

Yea, i'm so cool.

The bustle.

Who do you think this picture is featured on?

Now for a family picture to look back and laugh at when we're old grannies sitting on rocking chairs and unable to chew our meat.

Guess which is me!
Hint: I'm not the one in the middle wearing the black and white polo shirt.

"Ah... Gone are those days when I could talk without my teeth falling out and wear a swimsuit without people's eyes burning..."

That's what grandma Christine would sound like!

Rewind back to current time.

This little bimbo went to Australia and bought 3 bags for $1 Aussie each!!!

That pink one is one of them...


but you know what? It's not that nice anyway!

You know what?
I have a confession.
I AM guilty of being bimbotic.
And I have provided evidence!

Me and my girl cousins decided to wear make up and take lots of pictures.
And these are just SOME of the results.
I cut off the TOO embarassing ones.
I didn't say there still aren't any!

Wanna see my eye-makeup?

I'll show it to you anyway!

Cousin is talented :D

Look at her precision!

From left: kimberly, yours truly and cui yi.
Look at the camera la, you things!

Do your sexy pose :D

I see someone reapplying their lipgloss!

Anyone can be a cheerleader, right?

"RIGHT! But hey..."

Yes, cousin???

"Do you think I'm fat???"

Noooo! You're so skinny, you make a pole look fat!

Now i camwhore around randomly.

See! I can look emo!

Now the opposite emotion...

A very typical thing of us to do...

Haven't I seen this before???

Awh... I love you cousin!

Even if you spoil my pictures!


My brother always tells me that when girls have photoshoots, it's damn creepy and scary.
Maybe it's true.
After all, there are...

Roaring lions.


It wont let go of my leg!!!!


Finger gobblers.



If you're wondering why Jojo looks so sakai all the time, it's cause she IS sakai.
Look at her! Even the serious pictures she goes do dunno what nonsense.

But now it's my turn to look sakai, right?

If you're wondering if it's over yet... It's not!!!

I still haven't told you about my new toy!

Here's how it all started.

Daddy: Come Christine, help to buy a toy for your cousin.
Christine: Ha??? Can't I just wait in the car?
Daddy: If you come, I buy you any toy you want, want?
Christine: Ha? Really? OKAY!

And so I went into this cheap toy store and bought the coolest toy that I wanted for ages and only cost rm3.9o!!!

Wow isn't it cool?

But then my mum accidentally sat on it and it broke...


Yes, that broke my heart but anyway my dad promised to bring me to toys'r'us and buy me the world edition of monopoly!


Mum, since you sat on my toy, you have no right to complain!

And finally to end my post, to jowynna:

Peanut butter & Jelly!

You com-puh-leet me. :D