Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello readers! How was your week?

*you tell me about YOUR week*

That's nice! Now lemme tell you about mine :D

I'm typing this post with aches all over my body especially my shoulders.
No, I don't have rheumatism, I've just been cheerleading.

All you people who have never been cheerleaders are probably saying...
"Cheh! Like that only also pain!"

Well for your information, it's not as easy as it looks!
We lift girls for a workout!
(I copied that from a shirt. Don't sue me!)

We work out so much my body is releasing extra sweat and sebum which is making my hair look like bullshit.
Yay. :(

Besides that, I have discovered the cutest little things ever!!!
And the good news is I have millions of them in my body flowing around in their red cuteness!

Have you guessed it yet?
Cause my new found love is...


Red Blood Cells!

ohmigosh! Don't you just wanna hug them?

They're soooooo cute!!!!

And while searching for that picture I came across this!!!!

A red blood cell plushie!!!


I really love them I wish i could enlarge one and it could be my best fwenny. :D

Speaking of sciencey stuff, for Science, my teacher Puan Usha, asked us to get frogs to disect to see their hearts.

Poor froggies.

Cheryl found one in the padang last week...
but then she put it in the freezer.

And so it died.

Not because of the temperature, but the lack of oxygen.
Cause frogs are cold blooded but the fridge is enclosed.

So smart Cheryl. Now the frog died for nothing.

So anyway, yesterday Yau went to look for more frogs in the padang but all she found was tadpoles. The huili gang found a tadpole with legs though, so they brought it to the science lab.

Unfortunately, Puan Usha said we wouldn't be able to see anything, so we decided to make it the new class pet and we named it, "Squishy"!

At the end of the day though, it died, and no one knows why.
Yau thinks it's cause it hasn't developed moist skin yet. O.o
What the bull shit? Don't you learn science?

So at the last period of school yesterday, Yau just happened to look out the window and noticed a lead box hanging by a string from above.

So Christine the genius went to hide behind Eleanor's chair to kacau the lead box just for fun when we noticed...




or something like that can't remember.

so we wrote


and up went the string to some high above class.

(me and cheryl found out its 5 siantan cause we pretented to go to toilet to see where the note was coming from)

And after a VERY VERY LONG time, it came down again this time saying:

I'm having Sivik. What about you?

To which we replied:

BM. What's your name and class? I'm Jeremy Tang of 3 Matahari.

Yes we framed Jeremy.
And then as the bell was going to ring we added:

Continue this on MonTuesday.

And so up the note went again to a far away class.

And me and my friends were so sad because we'll only be on the top floor when we're form 5 so we won't be able to do it too.

Damn the first class!

Oh well.
We can always find more stupid and retarded things to do with our time. :D