Saturday, February 28, 2009

When I grow up...

I wanna be the owner of a kopitiam :D

No, I'm just kidding. But it would be cool, wouldn't it?

Then everyday when you have your daily coffee at my kopitiam, you could see me mingling with my customers and spiting their drinks to make them addicted to my coffee.


So anyway, I'm sure alot of you have given some thought about the future and all that crap but there's one fool-proof way to find out what life will be like next time for you.

What? Go see fortune teller?

No! Who believes in that???
My way is alot more simple and much more reliable.

So anyway I tested my formula on Abigail.
This is her results:


She will marry Jeremy.
Drive a CRV.
Live in an apartment.
Work as a rockstar.
Have 2 kids.
Her smartness is OK
Her richness is OK.

Abigail when she found out her results. >>> :)
And I believe it COULD happen.

Now we move on to Cheryl.


She will marry Illyas.
Drive some Proton gay shit.
Live on a newspaper on the streets.
Work as a doctor.
Have no kids.
Her richness is OK.
Her smartness is OK.

Again, so possible!!!
After all, Cheryl does not want to have any kids.

And then it was my turn.


I will marry that person that Cheryl keeps guessing but can't guess
Drive a Pink Kancil.
Live in a Pink Mansion.
Work as a CEO.
Have 5 kids.
My smartness is OK.
My richness is poor.

I think that is DAMN accurate. :D
Except for me being poor...
Hey, maybe its just an economic crisis.

Yes so by now, Yau was exclaiming how likely this fortune is and she was going:
"It's so true! It's so true!"

So now it's her turn.
And the results still sound very accurate to me.


She will marry Wan Hong.
Drive a tuk tuk with a horn.
Live in a cardboard box.
Work as a stripper.
Have 13 kids.
Her richness is OK.
Her smartness is OK.

That shut her up about the authencity of this all.
Though i still think it's real. ;)

But anyway, the future is not set in stone and things could change.
Though whatever it is, I hope Yau gets a tuk tuk with a horn!!!

With love,