Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day, a time of love.
But few know the actual story of how Valentine's day came to be.

A long time ago in Rome, a new king passed out a law that men could not marry so that nothing would prevent them from going to war. A lot of people, including Saint Valentine did not support the new law. So, Saint Valentine kept performing marriage ceremonies secretly. When he was found out, he was sentenced to jail and was put to death. However before he was killed, a daughter of one of the guards visited him and he gave her a note saying "Love from your Valentine."

February 14th is this Saint's Feast Day and also the day he was put to death.

And from there came this overly commercialize version of Valentines Day.
But it's okay, we love commercialized things, don't we?
(especially if it involves chocolate!!!)

Mmm... Chocolate...

Now back to more important matters!

My dungu of a cousin finally decided to upload twister pictures from CNY time.

I won that game!
Well, more like draw because my opponent was too kiasu to give up either and we had already played it 2 hours straight.

Speaking of CNY, on the last day of CNY, aka Cap Goh Meh, it's the last chance to party hard for this whole year! :(

We must pig out!!!

If you're wondering: "Why's she as red as a beetroot?"

Well, this is why!

That's not wine, that's ribena. :D
Ribena makes you turn red, don't you know?

I'll do extra camwhoring because I won't see you for soooo long, my darling...

What? We look drunk?
We're not la! Our body is just reacting to alcohol!

We may not be drunk, but some people were.
And when people are drunk, they are led to believe and do crazeee things.

He believes he can fly...

He believes he can touch the sky...
sadly though, he can't...
Awh... Don't cry!

And since our last dinner was at a karaoke place, obviously cousins karaoke-ed!

This pic not so cool cause all the cool karaoke times, i can't take picture cause I'm in it.

Yea, i'm so cool.

The bustle.

Who do you think this picture is featured on?

Now for a family picture to look back and laugh at when we're old grannies sitting on rocking chairs and unable to chew our meat.

Guess which is me!
Hint: I'm not the one in the middle wearing the black and white polo shirt.

"Ah... Gone are those days when I could talk without my teeth falling out and wear a swimsuit without people's eyes burning..."

That's what grandma Christine would sound like!

Rewind back to current time.

This little bimbo went to Australia and bought 3 bags for $1 Aussie each!!!

That pink one is one of them...


but you know what? It's not that nice anyway!

You know what?
I have a confession.
I AM guilty of being bimbotic.
And I have provided evidence!

Me and my girl cousins decided to wear make up and take lots of pictures.
And these are just SOME of the results.
I cut off the TOO embarassing ones.
I didn't say there still aren't any!

Wanna see my eye-makeup?

I'll show it to you anyway!

Cousin is talented :D

Look at her precision!

From left: kimberly, yours truly and cui yi.
Look at the camera la, you things!

Do your sexy pose :D

I see someone reapplying their lipgloss!

Anyone can be a cheerleader, right?

"RIGHT! But hey..."

Yes, cousin???

"Do you think I'm fat???"

Noooo! You're so skinny, you make a pole look fat!

Now i camwhore around randomly.

See! I can look emo!

Now the opposite emotion...

A very typical thing of us to do...

Haven't I seen this before???

Awh... I love you cousin!

Even if you spoil my pictures!


My brother always tells me that when girls have photoshoots, it's damn creepy and scary.
Maybe it's true.
After all, there are...

Roaring lions.


It wont let go of my leg!!!!


Finger gobblers.



If you're wondering why Jojo looks so sakai all the time, it's cause she IS sakai.
Look at her! Even the serious pictures she goes do dunno what nonsense.

But now it's my turn to look sakai, right?

If you're wondering if it's over yet... It's not!!!

I still haven't told you about my new toy!

Here's how it all started.

Daddy: Come Christine, help to buy a toy for your cousin.
Christine: Ha??? Can't I just wait in the car?
Daddy: If you come, I buy you any toy you want, want?
Christine: Ha? Really? OKAY!

And so I went into this cheap toy store and bought the coolest toy that I wanted for ages and only cost rm3.9o!!!

Wow isn't it cool?

But then my mum accidentally sat on it and it broke...


Yes, that broke my heart but anyway my dad promised to bring me to toys'r'us and buy me the world edition of monopoly!


Mum, since you sat on my toy, you have no right to complain!

And finally to end my post, to jowynna:

Peanut butter & Jelly!

You com-puh-leet me. :D