Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet my new friend.

Hello readers!

Say hello to Mr. Scraps!

I made him completely with my bare hands.

Ok, not really.
I used a needle, thread, my old pyjamas, 2 random buttons, a safety pin, a ribbon and a hell lot of cotton.


But still, he's my random creation and the first doll I ever made in my life!

Isn't he the cutest little thing? :D

This is him at his birthday party...

Blowing out the non-existent candles.

'Cause he's zero years old!

Here are some things you should know about Mr. Scraps.

Mr. Scraps is a Miwako(my name for the collection of random toys I make).
He was born at 3.00 am, Sunday, 31 May 2009 on my carpet floor.
He is my one and only random creation and thou shall not copy from me or say I copied.


Mr. Scraps is really quite vain.

Mr. Scraps is good for you, just like vitamin C!

The poor thing sleeps here for now.

I'll be making him a real bed soon.

Mr. Scraps likes dancing.

Nope, he's not dating Little Bo Peep.
Any ladies interested? :)

Mr. Scraps centre of gravity is located in his head.

This is a happy Mr. Scraps.

This is a sad Mr. Scraps.

Mr. Scraps's body can fit into your pocket!

His head though, is a totally different matter.

Mr. Scraps can fly!


Like anyone else, Mr. Scraps enjoys watching television.


and by really, we mean REALLY!!!

Ah, Mr. Scraps...

There's no trouble at all fitting in in my house as he already became best friends with Carrot!

Why Mr. Scraps wears a scarf.

A long time ago, Mr. Scraps was involved in a flying ice cream truck accident.
He was badly injured and needed to go for stitches.

After the surgery, his neck was always given looks and him being ultra vain, decided to hide it away with a scarf!

Besides, he looks uber fashionable in it!

And that's how Mr. Scraps signature scarf that has become a part of him came about!


Yay, Mr Scraps!

Mr. Scraps is so special indeed, that he has his own blog!

Click me to see it!

I love you Mr. Scraps!

You're the best rag doll a girl could have!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh so random!

Exam is over at last!

No need to read all the random useless shit that we learn for another 2 weeks! :D

No more of that!

Geo suck. xD

Proof that this evil book is stupid.

Yes, I know I don't even learn that but it's stupid anyway.
You know why?

My brother was flipping through it in front of me when I noticed from the corner of my eye...

Christine:"Ohmigosh! You learn about Charles Brooke!"

Daniel:"Ah? Charles Brooke? This is J. J. Thompson!"

"What? He looks freakishly like Charles Brooke then!"

So then I take out the wonderful Sejarah Form 2 book...

*Shing shing!*

I compare the pictures together.

And guess what?

The SUCESS book is 100% wrong!

This is the real J. J. Thompson!

If I were him, I'd want to slap those dum dum authors.

Get him mixed up with Charles Brooke!!!

And I have their names right here printed on the book!

Don't buy books from them!

Buy books from the Sejarah people!

Yay, Sejarah!

Wait, I should be insulting my subjects, not cheering for them.

Well, exam wasted so much of my time!

Even my poor violin became diabaikan.

Ignored Violin.

Finally I have time to be random & psycho all over again! :D
When did you ever stop?

Something I've been dying to post up:

A newspaper review on X Men Origins:Wolverine:

Are you trying to take my future husband???

Stop writing like that in public where I can see it!
In fact just stop thinking about him altogether!

Who ARE you anyway?

Sharmilla Ganesan?
Well you know what, you're the worst movie reviewer of them all!

You gave Wolverine only 3 stars!

What's wrong with you?!!!!


On a lighter note,

Paddington House of Pancakes flag. :D

I just went there a long time ago and thought the flag was really cute. :D

Their pancakes are AWESOME!!!

3 long lost idiots...

This was at Jowynna's Electric Jam thingie.
(Some collection of performances her cheer squad, Electric organized to raise funds)

So long never see those idiots. :D

People performing...

Notice alot of people decked in green & black & white?
That's cause that's Electric's colours. :D

The nice pic my nice friend Jowynna took for me. :D

Hahahahhahaha. You'd have to have been there to get it. :D
Or maybe just a psycho shit.

Mahadhir shows off his Basket Ball shirt.

:( I want choir team to have a shirt!

Dominique shouts like some psycho.

It's actually quite cool though! :D

Group pic by the mirror. (stolen from an idiot :D)

The ever-popular toilet group pic!
(only girls allowed xD)

From left: Melanie, Jowynna, Me, Victoria, Yee Vonne, Jiun Ee, Robyn.

It never gets old...

See how supportive I am of Jowynna's team!
I wore black, green AND white!
All 3 colours!

Yup, I just wanted to put this pic because yee vonne looks damn funneh! :D
Nice face!

Jowynna and her NEW BEST FRIEND

Fine... :(

Haha! I'm kidding, jowy!

To see more pictures go visit yee vonne's blog & jowynna's blog.
I know other people have also but I'm lazy to link them. :D

See, I'm so nice, you guys, I give you free publicity.

Next topic!

Check out my new DVD!

I love it.
(haha! I know my face is uber funny!)

This is what the top part of the cover is actually supposed to look like!

or maybe this!

Haha! Excuse my stupidity and randomity!
I'm born like this!!!

Now for something REALLY special...

Lalalala! Lalalala! Elmo's World!

I love Elmo. He's so red & cute! :D

Now to scare you.


You know why I love my pillow?

It's lacy!


And my bed is squishy-ish...


Makes you want to sleep...


Domino's new catch phrase.

Terminate YOUR hunger!!!
Now isn't that much more scary than me?

Die, you evil hunger!!!

Now for something oh so cute!
Of all things...


What? Yellow & green are so cute together!!!

This is why I need a new phone.

Now for really cute hats!

Did you think I was talking about real ones?

I was talking about these kawaii paintings on cups!

I like this one. :D

After all this taking pictures, it's nice to be able to kick back & relax with a nice can of Sprite!

Must go near the light!!!

Orange & blue make a nice colour combination.
Right, daniel? :D

Such a typical Christine thing to do...
Spilling toothpaste on her shirt.


Wanna see something cool?







Fly, bug, fly!


Bug die... :(

Oh dear, look how late I'm still awake during exam week.

To do what?

Camwhore really random things!

I wonder how I look like when I swing my wet hair around like a psycho...

That's how!!!

My lovely Hello Kitty shoes on top of my lovely Winnie the shitPooh carpet.




I seriously love my bed.

Though I don't make it.

This is my good friend, Jowynna.

My other good friend Jowynna gave it to me when I was a little 12 year old kid. :D

Ah, Jowynna..

This is...

Okay, I haven't named him yet.
Let's call him Applemint.
I know that's already a brand!

This is Peepee Dog.

Doesn't he look like he needs to pee?

What do I do in my random corner with stuffed toys?

Read my scrapbooks...

Read story books...

Yea, mainly, I read alot.
Check out that collection of old MaryKate & Ashley books!!!

My books have a house, so does my phone!

Bunny from a nice Rou En.

It's very cute! Thank you, Rou En! :D

My bracelets and knick-knacks are also hung on to a cat...


Speaking of cats, this is my new flirt face. xD

What the shit.
So cute. :)

A happy meal always delivers smiles.

The contents of my happy meal!

And of course, a coke...

Even the burger is happy to see you!

Wait, the best part is yet to come, the free toy!!!

It's girl Doraemon!!!

See the orange thing?

Pull the toy down from it, and it will vibrate up!

Like so.

And the wings flap! :D
I like toys.

Sunshine shots.

Other random shots.

Ok that's all for now. Sayonara!