Monday, May 4, 2009

Wolverine: X Men Origins

it was awesome!!!

Nice story, nice effects and best of all...


So since I had a disappointment from something today...

I shall gush about them!

The most obvious one of course, Hugh Jackman.

I know Yau loved the part where he jumped into the waterfall and ran into the barn...

But seriously, he's so-so looking for me only.
Too old la, I don't like that kind of old men.
And he's very big... Not in the places I like. :D

Next up we have Taylor Kitsch. The Gambit fella.

Ohmigosh he looks damn good in this picture!
But in the movie, I found him quite dumb and not bergaya relatively because he got punched in the face. xD

But we still give him credits for being a hot guy in general!

And now we have Tim Pocock playing mini cyclops.

Awh... So innocently hot...

I like him with the sunnies though!

He looked so adorable!
Especially when he was blind and he was walking around like a dingdong!

Ohmigosh feel like huggin him!

Some prefer the old cyclops fella...

But I'm into people who look more my age. :D
Though James Marsden is hot too!

And finally the most special person of all...
RYAN REYNOLDS who plays ( i got his name now!) Wade Wilson/Deadpool.


Check out the skill.

(most left)

But you know what?
Weapon XI is NOT him!!!!

Ohmigosh they changed the actors!
Thank God because that fellow is sooo creepy.
Though I must say he has a hot body and would be really cool without the scary eyes and with a nice head of hair. :)

That guy right there is Scott Adkins!

Look at his muscles man!

I still love Wade Wilson though.

Yes always.

Now go watch these videos of him.

Yea, it's cool just because he's talking!
(inside joke)

His awesome solo fight scene!

Sorry, this is the best quality I could find!

And yea, I just love Wade Wilson!
OHmigosh he talks so much it's so adorable!!!!!!

And if anyone wants to tell me how ridiculous I am talking like this about a fictional character, don't forget how many edward cullen fans in the world there are...

And I'm gonna list out points as to why liking wade wilson is better than some edward cullen. *BLEH BLEH!!!*
Though I do like myself some vampire :)

(this is based on movie characters!)

1) Wade is just about as agile as edward and in fact he looks more agile because x men origins spent more money on effects than twilight did!

2) Ryan Reynolds is waaaay better looking than robert pattinson. And he showers!
His muscles are so much bigger and his head isn't maximised.
And he wears a serious, cool look instead of Rob P's constipated.

3)Wade Wilson is single and he can die eventually.
Edwards just a constant Bella-obsessed downer who needs you to be immortal to live happily ever after with him.
And who wants to get into that kind of relationship?

4) Wade Wilson talks alot and he knows what he's talking about!
Edward just smiles like a perv and asks people if they're scared.

5) Wade Wilson has natural charm. He doesn't ACT cool, he IS cool!
Edward just wears his sunnies and stares at hot chicks.

6) He has awesome swordplay skills!
All Edward can do is climb trees.
Now what kind of boyfriend would you rather have?
A pro at swords or a monkey?

7)Wade Wilson smells good.
I know it.
I can sense smells through pictures.
Edward smells like dead cat.

8) Wade Wilson makes witty comments on stuff.
Edward does the constipated face.

9) Wade Wilson is more on the dark side.
Edward is the "goody two shoes"
No matter how much you try and say you will, you know us human beings always go for the dark side right?
CLEO magazine said so!


and that concludes my post!


terry said...

i'm not gay.... but Amen!!!