Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet my new friend.

Hello readers!

Say hello to Mr. Scraps!

I made him completely with my bare hands.

Ok, not really.
I used a needle, thread, my old pyjamas, 2 random buttons, a safety pin, a ribbon and a hell lot of cotton.


But still, he's my random creation and the first doll I ever made in my life!

Isn't he the cutest little thing? :D

This is him at his birthday party...

Blowing out the non-existent candles.

'Cause he's zero years old!

Here are some things you should know about Mr. Scraps.

Mr. Scraps is a Miwako(my name for the collection of random toys I make).
He was born at 3.00 am, Sunday, 31 May 2009 on my carpet floor.
He is my one and only random creation and thou shall not copy from me or say I copied.


Mr. Scraps is really quite vain.

Mr. Scraps is good for you, just like vitamin C!

The poor thing sleeps here for now.

I'll be making him a real bed soon.

Mr. Scraps likes dancing.

Nope, he's not dating Little Bo Peep.
Any ladies interested? :)

Mr. Scraps centre of gravity is located in his head.

This is a happy Mr. Scraps.

This is a sad Mr. Scraps.

Mr. Scraps's body can fit into your pocket!

His head though, is a totally different matter.

Mr. Scraps can fly!


Like anyone else, Mr. Scraps enjoys watching television.


and by really, we mean REALLY!!!

Ah, Mr. Scraps...

There's no trouble at all fitting in in my house as he already became best friends with Carrot!

Why Mr. Scraps wears a scarf.

A long time ago, Mr. Scraps was involved in a flying ice cream truck accident.
He was badly injured and needed to go for stitches.

After the surgery, his neck was always given looks and him being ultra vain, decided to hide it away with a scarf!

Besides, he looks uber fashionable in it!

And that's how Mr. Scraps signature scarf that has become a part of him came about!


Yay, Mr Scraps!

Mr. Scraps is so special indeed, that he has his own blog!

Click me to see it!

I love you Mr. Scraps!

You're the best rag doll a girl could have!