Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hop aboard the time machine, kids!

We're going to 16th century France!

Complete with olden day fountains!


and big castles...

And buses?

Okay so maybe we're not really in France and it's still the year 2009.

But Colmar Tropicale sure makes you feel like you're in the olden day Colmar Village of France!
(that's where it's modelled after)

But it really is quite old!
Check out the cobwebs!

Anyway, its located on Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, where the weather is cool but sunny...

Oh and it's only a half-hour drive away from the great Genting Highlands! :D

Still, it's a long drive from K.L. to here.
So sleeping on the way is perfectly natural.

Right, joel? :)

Yes, I brought my two dopey cousins.


(The jakun girl with a bob looking longingly at the restaurants.)

and Joel.

"Wah, got swimming pool!"

They are so easily fascinated...

Anyway, the Colmar has a really tall tower at the end of the village where you can admire the view...

Hmm... Trees...

View on the prettier side.

In case you hate my face...

What pretty architecture this place has!

I like the roof! So cute!!! xp

Hole in the wall to admire more trees and the likes.

And of course, this town wouldn't be complete without a well with a very noisy bell to ring.

Jakuns making full use of it!

Wow, even an acrobatic show!

But this show wasn't that good.
It's from China and having visited China often enough to compare acrobatic shows, this wasn't that spectacular...
Last time the shows here were alot better and they had can can dancers and fire breathers!!!
Much more suitable for a french village don't you think?

Anyway, after a while, us fat kids got hungry and we bought some pastries at the bakery place.
Whoops! Food consumed to fast to snap a shot!

Well, except for Kimberly.
Her new braces were giving her difficulty eating.

Did i mention she had the sniffles that day?

Better not be swine flu, woman!!!

Okay now that we've fully explored the inside of the village, it's time to play outside!

You won't lose track of time here.

Entrance to the outside. :D

I'm standing on a bridge!
A magical bridge of hope & wonder!!!

One reason I loved to come here when I was a kiddie was because of the swans!

What ARE they doing?

There's nothing to keep them captive, no nets or anything, and yet they stay and play despite little kids coming and throwing stuff at them.

And that's seriously not me, okay, I love swans!

Look how they clean themselves in unison! ^^


White swannie too!

So cute!

But it's swimming in filth, man!


Kim admires the water... :)

Somehow the fish in this pond like to swim in a circle.

This continued for as long as I was there.

Soon, we were bored of swans and water and decided to move on to the next outdoor attraction...


Haha! I'm higher!

The supposedly mature Daniel joins us.

"Look! No hands!"

And then kimberly joins us and since she sits right in front of me, the only way to get her in a picture on the see-saw is to camwhore right?

What crap is that???

Yes, we ARE actually on the see-saw for your information!!!

Now for the swings!

Concentrate, Joel!

Somehow my brother managed to get an extremely clear & nice picture of Joel's ass.

Touch the leaves, little limlimputians! (inside joke)

Higher, higher!

Daniel swings really low...

I swing really high right?

The bag's weighing me down la!!!

Once we worned out the swings, we passed the swans again.

Awh... It sleeps!
(i took this beautiful shot by the way!)

The second one was standing on one leg... O.o

(my brother took this gay one. xP)

Joel tries to immitate.

Sure, do it next to a fire hydrant...

Me with a white swan. :)

White swan doing the one-leg thingie.

See this tall tower?

We're all going to attempt to climb it! :O


Almost there!

But Daniels gaining on her!

Christine has reached the edge!

And climbs over victoriously!

Kimberly comes in 2nd!

Joels coming in!


What the?
Is that Christine's hands coming out of Joel's head?

Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret.
This is how we did it.

And they still can't even climb over...
Can you believe that?

So before we head back to find my parents, we pass by a hole which views into the underground parking lot.

Is that burung layang-layang?

So anyway, after all that climbing, we deserve a treat!
And what better treat, then chicken wings?!

The last lonely chicken wing...

Gluttonous people enjoying it.


This mango juice cost rm8!!!

So small also!

Alas, we have to leave this place eventually, and as it was nearing 7 and we had an appointment with our cousins at Gotong Jaya, we had to leave!

Down the elevator...

Now we get to see the cute momo chong! (kyle)

Baby Milo for Baby boy!!!

So cute!!!
And I'm going to see them all again tonight.