Friday, May 29, 2009

Teachers Day Special :)

Note: Do not steal my genius ideas or I will be damn angry. Especially my cards.

EXAM IS OVVEEEERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shuddup! I know I'm late but my internet wasn't working on Wednesday and Thursday I was busy making things for teachers for teachers day.

Yes, we only celebrated it today :D
(cause exams ma, dude...)

Anyway because of my long hiatus, after this post, I'm gonna post alot of random shit that I wanted to post around the exam time but just didn't have the time.
Okay, anyway, back to teachers day story!


That's obviously not mine.
Note the tiny words "3 Teratai" and I'm a Matahari baby!

This year, teachers day is special because last years teachers day was crap 'cause it was on an exam day.
Therefore this year we must redeem ourselves!
And I must actually give something to teachers this time!

So I made 20 chocolate wrapped like flowers!
We'll just call them chocowers from now on...

A chocower. :)

20 chocowers.

Yes I made all of that in one night. :D *stands proudly!*
I'm not as incompetent as you thought, am I?

I stuffed them into this pretty bag and went around giving chocowers to teachers!

I felt like Santa Claus giving out presents on Christmas.
But with a slightly smaller stomach. :)
And no hat... :(

Anyway to make chocowers,

You need ribbons,


and the rest is a secret!

But I'm sure if you're smart, you can analyse the secret formula! :D

Half-complete chocowers ready to be ribbonized. :D

Ribbonized chocower!

Ah... they grow up so fast!

The last and most important part of the teachers day chocower...

A card!

So they know who gave it to them!

After all, they receive ALOT of presents on teachers day.

P.S. I know my writing sucks but I was doing mass production! Give me a break!

So after the chocowers were completed, I simulate what will happen when I give them to teachers the next day!

Christine: Happy Teachers Day, *insert teacher's name here*!

Teacher: Awh... Your so sweet, Christine darling!


Of course it's sweet!
It's even good enough to eat!


And blow kisses with!

Further evidence to this will be shown later in this post.

Anyway, chocowers are not the only thing I'm giving teachers this year round.
5 special teachers also get a personal, one of a kind, giant hand-painted card!

Unfortunately, these cards are painted by me... xD
And you know me!

For example, Puan Gans...

(by the way, it's supposed to be folded, I just wanted to show you the starry, starry night!)

That wet spot was actually my brother's fault.
Ah well, the intention is there. :)

I bought a special pen just to write this.

It only looks cool with silver!

Now Nora's! :D

This looks like something Cheryl would draw.

And Puan Nurhafizah's...

At first I was thinking of writing
"Maths is a ball with you!"

but then I realize...
it's so SUPER LAME!

but that's just how me is. :)

Anyway, I went the conventional way and wrote happy teachers day! :D

And this cards for...

Undecided teacher! :D

It was supposed to be for Jothi so she'll like me and mark my English paper high high but she gave us back everything and my results sucked.

So that's my revenge.

And my best teachers day card for one of the most fantabulous teacher around, Cik Rozihan!

You need to have been taught by her to get the Elmo thing and be a total retard to understand the Zeee (hohoho!)

When I gave her the card, the dumb cheryl said this:

Cheryl:Cikgu, cantik kan? Tengok macam cikgu.

Rozihan: Ini Elmo!

Me and Cheryl bursted into laughter. :D

Wait, the best parts not over yet.

The inside of the card!

To get this, go watch Charlie the Unicorn 1,2 and 3.

And you'd think I'd have wasted enough time and money on teachers already...

but I also bought presents!

Santa ClausChristine's sack.

And this is all the crap on the table from doing this kind of random shit.

And I didn't show you the floor!

One last thing before I actually talk about the actual teachers day celebration in school!

Look! A planet!

I shall call it Geniusosa Planet. Also known as Christine Planet. :D

Anyway, teachers day in school starts of like a normal day without any lessons.
We're all cheerful and excited! :D

Scratch that.

I was cheerful and excited.

During morning assembly while they waste time doing who knows what...
we pass the time by taking pictures!

Look closely and you'll see a bee.

The Abigail kind.


Jeremy Tang.

Our hot muse for the day.

This is not at the same place and time but oh well, let's put it here too!

And then the performances begin!

The memorable ones being:

The indian dance.
I'm not going to say anything... :)

another cute one was the Chinese YoYo!
Sorry Tim Lim and friends but they were alot more pro then you guys last year and they dropped alot less.

And the boys were so cute and tiny!!!!

But i didn't get a pic because I was too intently watching. :D

Then there was OYY's singing performance.

Eh why everyone not looking at her one?
Looking at my gorgeous face izzit? xD

Nope, all these horny kids wanna see people bercumbuan(making out/kissing).

Did I say people? I meant birds!

The whole of Yin Yin's song they passionately kissing until the whole tapak perhimpunan also look.

Then suddenly, saddest thing happened.

Fly away already... :(
That one must be the male.

Then after the teachers played their game to which JOTHI(OMGOMGGAYGAYGAY) won,

From left: Adrian Loke; Rozihan, the teacher I love and supported during this round of musical chairs!; Pn Sarinderjeet, unknown fella, unknown fella..

we must give out our pressies!

And i took a picture with most of those darling teachers :D

Puan Lee Tsock Wah!
Form 1 English teacher and the most popular lady in the school!

Look how much I'm stooping down. ;)

I don't want her to retire. :(

New headmaster, Encik Tay Keng Lee!

Why so serious?

The red line is to show our height difference.
Good job, Christine.

My favourite teacher, Puan Gan Loh Yong!
Form 1 Geo teacher, Choir teacher, 3 Kekwa teacher that lets me crash her class and overall nice person. :D

When I gave her the present, card and chocower, she said,
"Which is mine?"



Puan Norehan.
Form 2 Sejarah teacher. :D

Ah... She'll never grow taller, will she?

Puan Ak-5
Form 3 Sejarah teacher extraodinaire!

Aklima... Aklima...

Puan Hazura.
Form 2 Bahasa Melayu teacher & class teacher & form 3 art teacher.

She was so shocked that I could make the chocowers.
Should I be insulted?

Pn Liao (aka Popiah)
Form 3 Moral teacher, Form 3 Moral teacher whom gave me my first 90+ marks in secondary school even with her strict form 5 marking standards, and also warden sometimes in my church. :D

Puan SarinderJEET.
Form 2 Maths teacher who we all love though we hate the subject.

Puan Usha.
Form 3 Science teacher & my first secondary school science teacher who is not Aminah! :O

Which reminds me... I didn't take a picture with Aminah... :(

Cik Rozihan the SPARKLIEST one!
Form 1 & Form 2 Moral teacher who pinches us and always scolds us but whom we know secretly loves us like hell but won't admit it in front of her peers!

Card isn't in... :(

Now card is in but our heads are cut off.

Ah well, who needs a head anyway?

Puan Nurhafizah.
Form 3 Maths teacher & class teacher who is damn sabar with my blurness in Maths. :D

Now for the random lepak-ing.

This is such a weird picture of Cheryl for me.

Wei Wen and her uniboob.

Their class teacher, Puan Karamjit is so cool! She bought them the most awesomest cake ever!

Looks like your average chocolate cake but the inside is custardey with chocolate cream and it tastes awesome!

Awh... That's so nice.

Puan K even told us to go ahead and eat the cake even though we're not terataians because we're ALL her students!

After enjoying the high quality cake,
we all take turns to try on Jarrod's uber cool orange & black glasses! :D

Wei "Uniboob" Wen

Christine "geeky shit" Kuan

Cheryl "Dumdum" Cheryl

(I bet you thought I was going to say Anne, right?)

Noticed the chocower in Cheryl's hand?
I gave it to her because I had extra.

See, she does kisses too!

But she mistreated it and I'm damn angry because she wasted my money, that stupid idiot.
Not only did it keep coming undone because they were throwing it around, the chocolate came out and she left it on the floor for some cat or something to eat.

And it's fererro rocher not some gay brandless chocolate.

This is why the chocower came undone.

Jarrod is using it to flirt.

Stop trying to act innocent and cute Jarrod Joshua Kumaraguru because it's not working.

Haha, okay, a little bit cute la.

See now using it to point at people...

Shaking it like it has Parkinson's.


Somehow I like this picture.

He looks dilamun cinta.
Wait, I'm supposed to be angry. RAWR!

Moving on...


Or Gay?

Definitely gay.

You know what else is gay?


And he falls...


Look, it's Keng Han in action.

"Hot guys" chilling out and listening to music.

Hotter guys!

Jeremy doing his thing. :D

Cheryl doing the emo.

At last we head home and I realize, I still have extra chocowers!

Poor rejects.

Overall the day was good for me and I loved it.
Even though my costs for this years teachers day was high, I know I really touched some teachers hearts and knowing that makes it worth it. :D
After all, it's the least we can do for them after they put up with us every week.