Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cousins gone wild

Hello world!

On Monday & Tuesday night, yours truly had a sleepover for the first time in her 15 year old life at cousin Jojo's house!

Can you believe after all this time, it really is my first sleepover there?

Anywho, of course, being the nice cousin I am, I brought my dance mat to which all my cousins abused to the max!

This is how we move it! xD

^Includes a 5 second really gay dance move by wen tjun. :D

Pictures of cousins moving it. :D

Jojo's super vibratey legs.

compared to kimberly's normal ones.

No wonder Jo burns more calories.

Mr. Scraps joins in on the fun.

Stoning observer.

Don't worry, your time will come. :D

So sad my brother who was at camp wasn't there.... :(

At around 10.30p.m. on Tuesday night, we head over to Desa Park City!

The funner bunch of us sit at the back of the Storm, the truckish like vehicle my uncle owns.

Unfortunately, Kellys driving!
Watch out!

Hitting a hump just at the second the picture is taken.

Which is why my face is like that. :D

Cui Yi & Joel.

Only way to describe this.


Me, Cui Yi, Joel.

Desa Park City.

Our destination.

Check out all the shops.


Look at their excited faces.

It's a light paradise.

*taken from a moving vehicle*

Sakais still infected by the dance fever from playing too much dance mat.

At the toilet.

Someone needs to get smaller pants...

Kim:"I'm not good at posing..."

Then what's this evidence, ha???

Before we even get to the park, Joel is sweating with excitement.

The most awesome jumpshot of all time!!!


Spinning around on the thingie...

Who's that sakai in the middle of nowhere?

Oh, no wonder. It's Cui Yi.

Joel:"Look! A frog!"

And until now, i still don't see it!!!

The girlfriends try to get a posey picture.

Unfortunately, the gay spoils it...

And suddenly, Cui Yi gets rabies...


Trying to top Cui Yi's freak shot! :D

Now Wen Tjuns all alone on the bridge...

Hurry, get to the park and run away from him while we can!!!

Play spinny thinggie!

Kimberly & Jojo.

Is it a dead person or a hobo?

Definitely hobo.

my shoe and cui yi. :D

18 year olds can have fun too!!!

Like jie jie like mei mei.

Maybe retardity runs in the family...

She must be thinking about how dumb I am...

Cui Yi caught in the act of doing what she does best, bullying Wen Tjun.

Ouch! No joke la! She slaps damn pain!

Butts, butts and more butts!

This one hands down the most gaya.

Kimberly wants to give it a go too!

But she makes the mistake of tucking in her pants when a lady with a camera is around.


Trying to look like models...

Or trying to look gay?

Scary people!!!

Jojo really looks vampirish here... o.O
Cuiyi just looks dead.

Something more proper.

The ghostly headed Jojo.

No, Kimberly! You can't fly!!!

Red from drinking hanging upside down.

All my single ladies. :D

Who are all these dark figures?

Oops, flash was off!


Much better! Except now we can see Joel...

Our favourite game to play.

Bully the gay.


A very gay video with very interesting audio from Wen Tjun.


If you had enough play for the day, take a rest like these gays.

haha! It rhymes!!!

Now back to playing, swingggg!!!!!!!!!!

I lie down on the swing.

And soon my face gets covered with butts!

The view from where I'm sitting.

After a while you begin to get mabuk...

Whether it's the drunken-like-Cui-Yi mabuk or the dizzy mabuk that I'm experiencing.

And they call it, cousin love!!! <33333333333 src="" width="400" height="300">

This is why sitting in a car that Kellys driving is scary.

She reversed from all the way from the other side of the road out from her parking lot to almost bang this car!!!


...acting cool????

Of course, every trip to Desa Park City park must be followed by a trip to mamak!

I guess Kelly likes to eat... :D

Me & my Cui Yi at the mamak.

The other random shots.

Mel-On & Crack-er!

Kimberly sews!

I made her join my craze!

The zombie at the computer.

Correction, zombieS!

The ever popular gay pose by Wendy.

And that's all for now folks! :D