Monday, June 8, 2009

Makin' a Splash!

The following pictures are all stolen from Jojo & Jia Shiun

I love it when someone in my family celebrates their birthday and we all get together...

I mean, what's not to love?

There's lots to makan...

and we can makan in the company of people we love...

or maybe just in the company of weirdos... :D
But still, they're MY weirdos! :D

This spectacular pool party to celebrate Desmond & Jasmine and sort of Cui Yi's birthday was held at our dear aunty Nancy(or gujie as I call her)'s house.

Okay, not her house, but the pool at her condominium.

She so nicely booked the pool for us weirdos to bermandi-manda in!

And a pool party calls for many wondrous activities such as...

Talking & bonding in the water...


How about..


Jojo + Christine take on Daniel + Wen Tjun.

Guess who won?

We did!
Okay, no, I lied.
But it was close!!!

Me + my bro vs wen tjun + joel

See how much taller we are??? :D

I won this match! Ha!!!

Thou shalt also play on the water slide!

Suitable for all ages!!!

Not suitable to ride backwards with 2 people!

Your butt will really hurt doing that!!!

Don't be scared, enjoy the ride!

Joel, joel...

Another thing you can do to rest and relax is get a float and enjoy the scenery...

Like joel here!

*scary music plays*


Okay, that didn't work out too well.

And I saved the most fun for last...


Okay, that timing really sucked...

Yes, we're actually jumping! :D

That's much better!

Of course this day was made such a wonderful day because of the nice company we had.

My dodos! & joel...

and of course, the super cute babies!

Charmaine with her super cute goggles!!!

Zhou Jian, too young to swim... :(

Kyle! I love this pic! He's so blur and cute looking!!!

So overall it was an uber fun gathering and I hope it will repeat for Shyn Yi so we can splash her too! :D


Who says spending too much time in the water gives you wrinkly feet?