Sunday, March 29, 2009

The awesomity of our cheerleaders & marchers! :D

Because I didn't have the tact to get someone to take pictures of me cheerleading or take pictures of marchers, all the pictures you are about to see are not taken by me and will be fully accredited to their rightful photographers whom I stole from without asking so they won't sue me! xD

Now anyway, here are your mascots!

Hweii Chee's blog.

Zoey is so cute as Tinkerbell!!!

Blue house marchers actually marching!


Awh... Don't they make cute clowns? :)

3 pictures below from Hweii Chee's blog.




And dude, when I look at EVERYONE I can think of's blog for cheerleading, majority of them have ALL the houses...


So I have no pictures to remember our win at all! :(

And for that, I'm not putting any other house's cheerleading!

And after tedious looking through people's blog for a picture of blue house cheerleading (all I'm asking for is 1 picture! ONE!!! How hard can it be???) I finally find a picture of me!

Though it's not the glamorous cheerleading...

It's me falling on the mud and giving a constipated face during tarik tali!
Give me a break!


Can you see me? I'm fifth from the front falling down and looking all grossed out because I just got mud on my rm49 skirt from blook!
(but the mud totally came out of that easily! The shirt though... Well, let's just say I'm not wearing it again...)

And you know what?

I'm still waiting for my picture with the cup from jou ee!
I want to print it and frame it!
It's the first time I won a cup!!!

But I don't even get the picture... :(

And where's the food from the hamper? xD

*gluttonous grimace!*