Friday, March 6, 2009

Aren't I lucky?

If you think this is one of those realization posts where one thanks God for the countless things they have...

I enjoyed doing that. :D


My story today goes like this.
In October 2008, Christine decided to try her luck at one of those contests to advertise stuff in CLEO.
So, Christine came across one for Secret the cosmetics brand and decided to try her luck.
So she sent in a RM1 entry by SMS and waited...

And waited...

And waited...

And waited.

Ah well, it's to be expected since I have the luck of a dead kangaroo.

But wait!
Just last week, I got the surprise of my life!

I was SMSed that I was one of the winners!!!!
Yes, after 4 months!!!


And since I NEVER win anything in my life, this was a VERY BIG DEAL!
Me after I won >>> XDDDDD

Yes so anyway, my dad had to send his office boy to pick it up 'cause I had to pick it up all the way in Ampang.


Here's the stuff I won!

Stacked neatly.

There were like 13 items of cosmetics in there!
I know 'cause I counted!

And now some highlights:

Eyeshadow Book-thingamajiggy.

Pretty no?

Though the colour doesn't really suit me, I decided to give it a try. :D

And you can barely see anything on the camera...

But in real life it looks nice!

Now I pile the gloss, concealer and mascara on my face as well.
And the results:

Again cannot see!
*trying to be like Hang Tuah*

Anyway if you could see properly, the mascara I'm using is BLUE.

And they gave me two of this. O.o

Oh well, I can force all the Blue House Cheerleaders to wear it on Sports Day. XD

Some people do wear blue mascara but seriously people,

I'm sure all those pink-lovers are squealing in awe at this...
(I know I was)
But seriously, it looks REALLY WEIRD.

My mum gives it a try.

And then she went out like that.
In public.

*scary music plays mysteriously*

Oh, the horror!

Another item of cosmetic I didn't like...

Lip liner.

Maybe if it were a nice colour it would be tolerable, but this is chocolate brown... O.o
Why do girls wear this stuff???

Can't you just stick to bloody red lipstick?

It makes me think of vampires xD
Oh no! I'm becoming one of those die-hard twilighters that relate everything in their lives to vampires!

Too bad I don't like wearing lipstick 'cause it's bad for you.
You know what with all the lead, the dryness. It makes your lips lose colour too!

But this particular one doesn't have lead!
I checked with the gold ring method!
Oo... Shiny...

Speaking of shiny-ness...

What do you get when you plus this sparkly gold eyeliner...

with these two sparkly eyeshadow?

Sparkle, sparkle! SPARKLE!

And you thought I was over Charlie didn't you?


Jowynna said...

you look cute in the pic :D

Christine said...

thank you dummy :D