Saturday, March 21, 2009

Roaming 1 Utama again???

Yes but for once we have a purpose!

You see, Yau and me have always said it would be cool to just go to 1 Utama and try all the little nibblets at the Lower Ground floor.

Now what nyummies did we try?

Potato Wedges from Jusco.

I rate this 7/10.
That's cause I like potatoes and it has herbs on top that taste good. :D

Chocolate Fondants from BeardPapa.
That's the creampuff place.

I rate this 9.5/10
It's so good!!! It's chocolate, so obviously I'll like it but the nyummy-ness of this is the melted chocolate inside. SO GOOD!!!

Soya Bean & Chocolate Balls thingy from Arena Food Court.

At first sight, you'll probably think it's just so-so.

But the cool thing about it is it has chocolate inside the balls!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

I think I'll give it an 8/10.

Actually the main reason why Yau wanted to do this with me is she wanted me to try Sushi King's croquette really badly.

And so I did...

What's my verdict?


Ohmigosh it's the best thing I've tasted since pie! (and believe me, i LOVE pie!)
I still love pie more though. :D

Anyway, it seriously tastes good!
I recommend anyone who likes potatoes or yam or fried shit to go try it!!!

In addition to the food sampling, we also went to watch...

Yau couldn't cry 'cause people were kicking her chair useless buggers
Anyway, it's more of a movie for dog-people so I didn't LOVE it but it's quite nice. :D

And of course, what do girls always do when they are in shopping malls???

My favourite part. :)

If I could afford it, I would totally buy this dress.

What? It's pink and comfy!

Now, Christine finds a dress with gorgeous detail.

It looks so gorgeous on the rack!

Unfortunately, apple shaped people can't pull it off.

Pear people look good in it though. :D

And that concludes my post.

Photo credits toYau.
(There. Happy, little girl?)