Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Though it's not like you read my blog anyway.

On March 3rd...
That's today!
Daniel celebrates his birthday.

Daniel who?

Daniel Craig la!

Seriously. It's his birthday!

And also my brother, Daniel Kuan!

How cool is that???

To celebrate, mummy and daddy brought us to a German restaurant that we've been passing by every week when we go to church but just haven't tried it yet.

It's called Deutsches Ghasthaus 2 or something like that.
(Not to be mistaken for a Dutch restaurant! Deutsches is German in German!)

So we went in and then we found out it's actually 3/4 pub.

Pub with mirrors.

But oh well, it's still German!
I like German stuff! I am 1/16 German. :D
Little, but hey, at least its something! :D

Anywho, we ordered this crap.
Sorry the pictures are damn retarded cause my battery was dying and had no time to change the mode.

German Sausage thing.

Something Pork Knuckles.

BLablablab Meatloaf.

Yes, I know this picture is faggot-ish.

Oh and some Specialty Pasta Thingamajiggy.
But I forgot to take picture. xD

And then I became a bloated, fat thing.

And we're not even done yet.
There's still cake!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

"Cut faster la!"


Anyway, has anyone noticed how GREAT the weather we're having is???

It's been raining so heavily everyday until Tasik SMKBUD4 is back.
And I'm seriously tempted to bring a camera to school just to take a picture but I won't.
See, nothing to worry about, Bee.

Anyway, after every storm, there shall always be a sign of God's promise.

What promise?

If you're not Christian you won't understand.
I'm talking about the rainbow!!!

If you look closely, you can see there are actually 2!!!

Red is the colour of an apple...
Orange is the colour of an orange...
Yellow is the colour of the sun, sun, sun!
Green is the colour of trees and things that grow...
Blue is the colour of the sky...
And purple is the colour of fun, fun, fun!!!

After the rain, all the small things look more beautiful.

Like sunsets in BU1.

And my gate.

And this thing...

If you can guess what it is, you're smart!
Go ahead! You know you want to...

Ohya! And as a member of 3 Matahari, I feel it is an obligation to report my marks being supposedly kiasu though I seriously totally did not study at all for this test.
More than half the time in the exam I was playing with cheryl. :D
Yes, so don't laugh at my marks.

BI- 92.5
M3- 91
BM- 70
SEJ- 74
KH- 70 sumting i forgot. xD

think that's all.
Look, look! So far no Cs!!!

Me and bee and cheryl are geniuses.

Genius to that!