Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up In The Sky.

Don't you wanna know what I did yesterday?
Say yes or die.

Yesterday, my dad celebrated my brothers birthday formally by bringing us all to eat at the KL Tower revolving restaurant.

Haha. Cute.

Can you believe I didn't even take 1 picture of the place from the outside?

Maybe because I was hobbling along in my new stilettos.
(I totally underestimated their height.)

So anyway, they gave us tickets and off we went to go up the really high tower. :D

Look, a shiny lift. :D

That's what we took to reach the restaurant which is approximately 280m in the air.

Can you believe a building of that height only has 5 buttons in the lift?

Daddy: That's cause your not allowed to go to the other places.

What? Screw that! I wanna press all the buttons!
*gives evil laugh*

When we finally reached the top a lady greeted us and showed us to our seats.
Oh yes, before that...

Lady: Sorry, sir, but you have to wear a sarong if you wear shorts.

Daniel: Heh?

And so my brother is dressed up in a weird gay sarong. O.o

I know he secretly enjoyed it. :)

Anyway, besides the lady to greet us at the entry were:

Oh so that's the name of the restaurant!


That's a LOT of champagne!

The food was nothing to shout about though I do love their seafood lasagna ^^
*mouth waters*

But they had blueberry crumble!

OHMIGOSH YUM!!!!!!!!!!

and of course,

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! It's all my favourite colours!
Pink, yellow and green! So cute! :D

But after eating that I felt damn cold >.<
See! Goosebumps! And my hair is standing!

Oh yes, the most important aspect of the restaurant!

The view.

And believe me, you don't want to look down.

Before I leave, I must take pictures with at least one of the novelty items they have lying around.

So I get my brother to take me with this iron. :D

Would you laugh at someone born disabled?
Then don't laugh at someone born stupid.