Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey guess what?



Me & cheryl are among the few non form 5s that got in.
One of the top 35 among 50+ Choir A members!
*talks some more about the difficulty to get into the choir team to make herself look good*
Haha! Sorry! Bragging comes naturally to ecstatic people with the mad cow! XP

And to think us auditioning for choir at the end of last year was an excuse to ponteng class...
Now it's become a truly spectacular experience that has completely changed my life!
And all our practising loudly in class paid off!
(Poor Aaron & Ryan, we're gonna continue practicing every day and make them go nuts...)

before Puan Gan announced the people who were getting in, me & cheryl were shivering and our hearts were thundering!
We were so nervous because this is like the first time in this school we have a chance to represent our school at something.

We always felt so left out when JJ and Hamie went for MYMUN and our other friends...
Well, I'm sure they did SOMETHING.
But pretty much I just want to be setaraf with yau because I have this major competitiveness with her against everything.
And our school didn't even take part in the MYMUN debate this year so I feel especially special! xD

And it was cheryl's only chance to be a part of the great SMKBUD(4) school choir which got SECOND PLACE last year.
Yes, i find it necessary to bold it. :)

That's because she's leaving next year for Australia and even if she weren't, 70% of choir is made up of the form 5s so when they leave, we sure die... >.< Puan Gan, save us! Next year how ah?

And Puan Gan was giving a semi speech before she announced the team saying
"I'm going to let all the form 5s join because the younger people's voices aren't as mature and they're not as expressive."
Sorry if I quoted wrongly.

Me and cheryl stressed out like mad right here.
All hope vanished.

Then Puan Gan announced the people who are going out,
I was like Ohmigosh! I wasn't called out!

Cheryl who is ever the pessimist was going,
"Are you sure there aren't more people getting called out? It's not confirm yet right?"

Then when it was confirmed, we were so happy & huggy! XD
But I was quite confused honestly because me and cheryl really didn't believe we stood a chance againsts 21 other sopranos.
But anywho...

Only thing that's a little bit dissapointing is we have to wear prefect uniform!!!
It's because some poorer schools THINK that the schools are biasly judged based on their uniform.
Please la, if you suck, admit you suck!
Don't go blaming other people for being better-looking.

Anyway this choir blabber has been going long enough.
On to my next excitingly boring extract from my life.
What happened to my head?

Did you notice the plaster on my forehead today?
If you didn't, that's good!
If you did, awh... crap!

Wanna know what happened?
I know you do!

Yesterday I was feeling so stressed about choir that I became suicidal.
So I took a BB gun and shot myself.

Did you believe that?
Then you're an idiot.
Even I'm not that stupid!


Statdhuys Study Trip.

Every trip needs a little camwhore right?

Look at my eye bags...

See what you did to me television!!!

The weird sick cat in front of my grandma's house.

No matter what you do to try and scare it, it won't leave the mat!
The duck gives it a try...


Anyway, off I go to visit the famous Stadthuys building for my gay sejarah projek.

Suprisingly, this non-red shit is part of the building. :O

The museum entrance.
(in case you don't know, the Stadthuys is now converted into one)

Spell it right people.

The Dutch way. :D
Did I ever tell you I'm Dutch descended?

The famous clock in the front.

Me & the part of the stadthuys everyone sees when they wanna go for trishaw ride. :D

It was so tempting to slide back down....

Christine on her dream house's balcony...

A cute little model of the area around the Stadthuys found in the museum.

I have a thing for models!

The infamous statue of Laksamana Cheng Ho.

He's quite buff, no? xP


Didn't bother to read inscription.
I just like the turtles!

And then....
I found a potrait of Parameswara!!!

I bet Cheryl's excited!!!

And look,
the famous author of Sejarah Melayu...

Tun Sri Lanang!!!

Wow, they look better than I imagined...
(which was old, stinky and bald...)

So after this beautiful lawatan sambil belajar at Stadthuys,
daddy gives us a treat! :D

The expensive restaurant down the road which had the COOLEST salt shakers!

Salt shakers hugging.

Salt shakers making out.

And since the food was so blardi expensive, might as well document the moment!

Fetuccini carbonara.

Fried rice... Bleh...

Fetuccini Marinara.

Hor Fun! I love this thingy!

Overall it was a nice overly priced meal and a wonderful trip to Melaka.
Until I blog the next time~


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