Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why do the KRS have all the fun?

Seeing all the KRS at the camp today made me feel so sad...

It looks like such fun!!!
KRS is so awesome, why didn't I join?
All the scouts do are stand there and look lame.
Did you see them compared to the KRS today?

And all my friends are in KRS except JJ...
I'm not counting Cheryl because she doesn't go...
Just like me xD

But you can't blame us!
Scouts sucks...
We're so pathetic and all the good leaders are in KRS so we're stuck with the not so pro people.
(No offense to scout leaders, you know it's true!)

Anyway seeing Yau and Bee and Kadri and all the other random people I know at KRS camp today made me really want to join KRS!!!
Actually there's another reason...
But I won't tell you that. xD

On a less emo note...
My "BB GUN SHOT" scar dissapeared!
It just peeled off can you believe that?
I thought I was scarred...
You can see proof on Monday! xD

Why is this post so boring?
Because I'm saving all my creative juices for my 100th post!
And I have no idea what special thingiemajiggy I'm gonna post for it.

But be prepared! It will be awesome!!!