Thursday, October 9, 2008

look stupid. feel proud.

Mallek's open house.

yes I know, I'm one week late.
screw it, yau does it all the time anyway. :D

On Saturday, we all went to Mallek's house for an open house.

the atendees:

Mallek's relatives :D

all the girls wore green. :D
we car-pooled.
and we went to Mallek's house which has lots of trees.
therefore it could be said that on that day...
we all went GREEN!
hence the colour of my post. xD


Christine Kuan presents to you...

how to look stupid

1. When 3 dumbies get together, always make time for a charlie angels pose.

the dopey look is the new black ;)

2. Give stupid and random reactions.

especially when...

a dog licks your face

your feeling emotional

someone tries to shoot you

someone else tries to shoot you

3. act as nigga-ish as possible even when you suck at it.

"Come on everybody up in here!"

4.Fighting the "cool way" is good.

christine wins in the end. :D

5. Immitate classic poses.

for example,
the Smeagol(guy from lord of the rings) look.

work it, girls!

6. Worship weirdos.

cheryl anne is bowed down to...

poor bee. She's brain-washed. xD

7. Take many-many group pictures.

4 dumies.

4 dumies again...

see guys can look stupid too. xD

8. Make use of inanimate objects.

like cups...

-this is actually a lala look i think...-

and butterflies...

yau tries to do it as well as me...

and pillars...

yau goes around the merry-go-round!


coconut trees?

now yau tries...

9.Two idiots are better than one.

JJ and kaders...
Haha i know they dont look THAT stupid.

yau n JJ

cheryl n JJ
doing the same pose.

an "angel" and christine

10. Play piggie-back

you can do it looking bitchie...

or looking as excited as a lil kiddie :)

11.Use the floor to your advantage.

whether you are relaxing...

trying to look like the cast of a tv show...

failing to look like the cast of a tv show...

or trying to get yourself hurt...

it even works when you're groping!

ok this is just an optical illusion
coz someone threw a snake on them.
yau is no lesbian
sorry to disappoint you, girls.

-my picture taking skills good, no? i caught this at the right second-

12. Talk when taking your pictures.

13.Duduk terkangkang.

cheryl has mastered the art.

14.Try to whistle with your hands.


He gets it in the end, though.
It's worth getting an unglam shot for it!

last but not least...

15. JUMP!

-i took this picture on first try. chun right? -



contestant 1:

Jarrod Joshua.

contestant 2:

Abigail Choong.

contestant 3:

Everlasting Omega

and last but not least...

contestant 4:

the sparkliest of them all, Christine Kuan!

-hey it's not my fault someone took this pic the second i blinked!-

Time for a bitch showdown!


Cheryl Anne.

my favourite..

Yau Hui Min.

anyway, that's all for today.
exams are coming so...


& to Pmr-ians


i end with a BANG.