Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess what?

Me and yau have recently joined this really fun and really cool sport called Parkour!

In addition to keeping our bored, fat bums off the computer chair, this sport is like really fun and I think it was made for people like me who like to roll in the mud and just be gay. :D

Ok I don't think that's what Parkour is really about but anywho I get to do it!
And not get stared at! :OOOOO
(well i do, but for looking stupid doing it not for doing something stupid!)

Okay but mainly the people in my "class" are really friendly and nice and DONT LAUGH EVENTHOUGH ME AND YAUNESS LOOK LIKE TOTAL NOOBISH RETARDS. :D

unlike some people whom I know would have.
come to think of it, I might categorize myself as "some people".
But there are no mirrors there so hah!

Anyway, here is some Parkour:
(yes it's long but from 5th minute onwards it's some crap)


These are mega pros until want to die like that okay whereas I just roll around and ATTEMPT to vault.

On a totally unrelated note, Mr. TKL is such a meanie who bullies little children!
TKL stands for Tomato Killing Lamborghini la! Who you think I'm talking about huh? :)

Okay shut up now christine.