Wednesday, July 16, 2008

some random thingies

ever wonder what 2 matahari girls do in class during their free time?
well, maybe this will make it clearer to you as to what the CRAZY girls in my class do for fun...

1. draw random crap
for example: sparklez the unicorn

yau the mermaid

captain cheryl the pirate

2. make up senseless lists of stupid things

like the list of awesome guys above 40!


1st runner up
2nd runner up

3. repeat charlie the unicorn lines!

such as:
charlie! i have the amulet!
what amulet?
the amulet! sparkle sparkle... SPARKLE!!!

Zeeeeeee! hohohoho

all the songs...
candy mountain candy cave
put a banana in your ear

and sometimes the whole script...

4. do homework...

im just kidding!!!!!


pictures of my hand!!!!!!!!!