Sunday, November 15, 2009

The amazing weekend!

My muscles still ache from Telematch.

We shall not speak of that which makes us annoyed now so I will skip on to the part of my weekend where I slept over at Cheryl's.

That's Cheryl's Pomeranian mixed Chihuahua dog by the way...
She woke me up by walking on meeee....

And I got some accessories from Cheryl since she would be throwing away her unwanteds.

And then the next day, last Sunday School of the year.

Camwhore with Aunty Alice!

She's so kind she bundle up Joyce so she won't be so cold.

Mother Mary Joyce
Hehehehe. xD

Me & Cheryl won 2nd and 3rd place for Sunday School respectively.

And then on to Bangsar next!

Every shop in Bangsar is decorated as high standard and interesting as this one.

Check out pretty flowers....

Jakun-ted people decide we love it so much, we will take a picture with it! :D

Even the toilets are pretty. :D

This is on an ADVERTISEMENT.

We ate our nyum-licious lunch at Marmalade which has the most awesome food ever!!!!

Unfortunately, no pics.


Later, we had our tea at Delicious!
Yup, we all have black holes for stomachs.... :D

Decor is nicer than 1 utama's in my opinion...

We ordered 3 frosty drinks to quench our thirst...

as well as wedges!

Yau took what seemed like an hour to take a picture of the drinks, preventing any of us from touching them.

I got this one in 10 seconds.


Clothes shopping which was our sole purpose to go to Bangsar?

Quite a disappointment.

Only rarely did we find some mildly interesting clothes.


We're wearing our own clothing save for Cheryl's dress.

But it was very disappointing and we didn't buy ANY clothes.
Too ugly...

I'm still looking for a white 3/4 length sleeved blouse for caroling!
(If anyone knows where to find, help me!)

But overall, this weekend was quite enjoyable because I spent it with my friends. :D

I love you guys! :DDDDDD