Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cheryl's buh bye post. :(

So I spend weeks and weeks poring on cheryl's going away present which I told her was the most awesome present ever which is why her birthday present sucked so much.


It started with some scrap wood that my dad got from Ikea.

I covered the holes with cardboard...

eeeeeeeee so ugly...

shit some kid is going to get electric shocked!

Psst pstt.... CHERYL!

a lot of wrapping paper later...

so what did it look like in the end?

and what was the final verdict?



I don't care if she's lying also, i think it looks awesome. :)

finished product.

DOLL ROOM. with no dolls. xD

Watch legolas.

Meant to be tv lol...

There's a musical box that plays memory also.
P.s. that's the song we sang for malam bakat...

Side views...

and came with something I drew for cheryl...

hahah it looks better upside down...

real way looks a bit fake...

oh well...


now all the sappy things.
(feel free to skip because even looking at it makes me bored. :) )

Note from facebook cause I'm lazy to write 2 things...

Dear Cheryl,

I have no idea where to start.

I just know that I love you and I can't believe I'm never going to
sing with you in the corridors;
play intersection points;
laugh about fruits and veggies;
sms you about hot guys;
give nicknames to all the people we know;
play harry potter and lord of the rings role playing;
play harry potter, race car driving, flicking paper, writing on walls, ring ring hello and other charlie stuff, blowing hair, etc, etc during school exams...(now my only play mate is the dustbin.... :( );
go on toilet adventures;
kacau our favourite teachers like rozeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hohohoho!, usha, norhafizah, nora, jeet, and blablbalbalablabla...;
play other dumb games with you that no one else but you would even consider playing like magical unicorns...

there are so many more things but my attention span is wavering...
actually I'm halfway typing this while smsing you...
and I kinda forgot what i wanted to say so...

you know i think the reason I couldn't cry just now was really because when I hang out with you, I'm just too happy and it's only when you're gone that I remember.
I really cannot even begin to imagine school without you.
The 2 weeks that you went to australia were probably the saddest weeks in the whole of my form 3.
Even studying with you for that idiotic PMR was beyond fun.
Without you, how would I remember about kelabit bario, the hot rentap, PuhPuhNeKeDeLeFeBe, dcckkl, every year's sejarah chapter 1 & 2 topic because you would repeat those the most, and all the other random memorizing methods...
You will always be my ding dong and I will never replace you la.

I scared I write too much now and you get scared of the words.

You know actually, I realized though, it's not like I'm not seeing you again.
It's just that I wont have you all for myself and every single second of the day anymore.
It's just a sudden change from seeing you every freaking day of the week to not until june.
or I will personally take the cheapest air asia flight to melbourne and slap you.
which wouldn't be too bad really...

ahhhh i forgot about your word phobia again.

You know what, if I have any more "sentimental" things to say to you, I'll just write you a letter because being emotional is really draining. xD

I have the most fun with you when I'm just doing nothing and being myself.
I'm never ever bored with you and to summarize it all...
I love you so much and I'll miss you.

Ooo! Ooo! I forgot.

I wrote something for you while studying sejarah before PMR that time.
Because I thought of you then and I have a really short attention span... hahahha.

OKay damn I cannot find it because i wrote it in abi's starfish book and the other day i showed it to bee and i left it downstairs and it's damn dark now okay.

then i can use fancy paper and make it pretty and you can frame it just like you will frame my drawing right? :)
hahahhahahha okay buy buy now. :)

~remember me always, Christine.~


Cheryl is too awesome to be summarized into one blog post however long it would be and frankly, I'm lazy. :D

if you want to know how much I love cheryl, just see the way I whack her with love. :D