Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are you ready to Cheer your hearts out???

This post is about:

It's back everyone!

The moment all Blitzerz Die Hards have been waiting for!

Cheer 2009!

To support our favourite cheerleaders!

Will 2009 be the year to take home the gold? :)

And will I be there???

Do you know who you're talking about?

quoted from :

"Ultimate Die Hard. Even Arsenal Die Hard Fans can't compare with her.

This girl is the best la. One of the many DIE HARD supporters of Blitzerz. I think this one can be the leader of the B.D.H. Blitzerz Die Hards."

This is only after the paint came off...

As you can see, I love supporting Blitzerz.

This year, however, is a sad year for the supporters.


Firstly, Justin Yong is not coming....


And I have to save my voice for malam bakat which means no high-pitch girly scream!

But only in times of trouble do we become innovative...

Christine made a haler which she can hang around her neck!
And I'm not lending it to ANYONE including all the scream team members because...

a) Who ask you not to be smart like me and bring one too?

b) If I take it off, my hair will become damn screwed up because I made the hole for my head freaking small...

c) I need it because I will be shouting the whole time

d) I made it really pretty and it's MINE! xD


Super simple but effective!

Here's all my merchandise for this year.

Concludes of: My hand-made haler, Blitzerz placard, last year's poms which I tied to last year's wristbands and a secret special exclusive Blitzerz item that I will only show tomorrow!
This surprise is for you, Jowynna! xD

So you better come for Cheer to see it! :D

And join the sea of blue!