Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For those of you wondering what my brother's newly bandaged though looks like under all that wrapping,

be prepared to wish you never had...

For it is so ugly...
That your eyes might pop out.

The fact that you're still reading has shown that you will not hold me responsible for any permanent damage to your mental health.


On a not so disgusting note, I have just borrowed my first book from the school library!


"Artistic" shot.
Haha! That was actually an accident.
But it turned out quite cool didn't it?

Picture where you can actually see title. :D

Why oh why did Christine add another book to her already nearing 30 pile of books that I need to read?

Not to mention, this one has a due date so I'm more pressured to read fast!

Anyway, even though all the girls of my generation have mostly read like all the princess diaries series at age 10, I only start reading this now.

I read other volumes though!
And I read other Meg Cabot stuff too!

Don't shun me!!!!!

The only thing you're allowed to shun me for is being stupid.

Hey wanna know something stupid I did?

Look a drawing!

Guess who?

If you guessed Yau, you've just won yourself a million dollars!

Okay, no you haven't...

But anyway, the reason this sad drawing came about is because Yau didn't come on the day of our class picture...


So we replaced her.

With a paper drawing.

Fear not, oh particular ones, we only did so in the candid picture.

No one sees that except for our noob class right? :D

Though others might argue otherwise, I think it looks just like Yau.

I got it right down to her gummy smile and braces(which really were blue at that time)...

and Yau's true name...

It is 10.24 pm but somehow my special watch says it's 3.05!


Wonder why...

Have you guessed it's made out of paper yet?
Well, it is.

In fact, it's an add for the NEW AND IMPROVED Sushi Groove!

It's called Tokyo G or something...

I admire their advertising skills.

But now it's time to drift away...

Goodfly my friends!