Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am so bored...

So bored that I'm going to tell you, the readers, alot of super random shit.

One day, I decided to google myself and found someone's blog with my blog on it.
The dumb thing about it is this person decided to put brackets after each persons name and fill the space with a description of the person.

In mine, it was written: She Loves Carrots...


What the..?

Though I have nothing against carrots, that's the dumbest thing to label me as since the reason my blog is called baby carrot is because I went through a carrot's colour phase...
Not because it's my favourite vegetable...
And that shows how much you know me...

Random babble number 2:

Would you rather be loved and not love?


Love and not be loved?

Personally I would rather not love because then I wouldn't know what I'm missing out on...

What do you think? O.o


My brother's toes is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
It looks worst than than the taste of that retarded dahl I got for my roti canai at school the other day...
No wonder they cover it up in a giant bandage!
It's out of vanity!

And yea, it's for medical purposes too...

I think I just may have magical powers...
And they're not necessarily good.
I'll give you some examples...

On Malam Bakat, I wished Tan Juan good luck when he was going in front to prepare to be the Phantom.
Right after that I added, "Oh! Don't fall!"

Some people then called me an idiot and I defended myself saying, "What? Just in case, right?" or something of the like...

And then he DID fall.

And then I predicted a few couples too...
But they're secret...

Oh and then one time I made this fortune paper thingy...
You know the what colour do you want thing?
And then I did it for Cheryl and everything she got on it came true!
On the same day!!! :O

Next, I also have the power to make people appear when I, or rather me and my friends, talk about them.

One scenario happened when we were talking about how we should have asked Tan Juan something when we saw him in the canteen.

Then suddenly, BAM!

Tan Juan jumps down from the stairs right in front of us!
Creepy no?

And during class, we always see people walk by when we talk about them.

It has happened numerous times but I'm not going to name anyone or you'll think we were bitching about you when we actually weren't...

I also read people's minds.

You can ask Cheryl.
I have a super connection with her.
And a lot of other people.

Or you could just say, GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!

Spinach Quiche.

I found out how to spell it!

Ya, Restaurant City isn't working...
So I have nothing to do on this computer while my brother is using my normal computer to do his class layout because now he installed photoshop CS4 on it.

What will I do till then!!!???

And that's my random blubbers for the day.

Blubber nuggets!
Mmmm... They're chewy!!!