Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being a kepo stalker has its advantages! :D

Hi guys.

You know what?
I met the coolest person ever and he's going to be my favourite Malaysian in the entertainment industry!

If you have already read my post about Cheer, you may be able to guess who I'm talking about!

Anyway the reason this person is so awesome is because he talks to the little people like me.
With all the kepo stalker-ness of Christine, I went and e-mailed him!
(How'd I find that? You'll have to join Stalkers United before I let you in on the secret!)

Anyway, below is the long winded ramble of an e-mail that I sent to him.
Click to enlarge. :D

Not even titling my e-mail, most people would have assumed it as a virus or spam or something of the like.

But I guess either he's unaware of the dangers of the internet or he was just using someone he hated's comp...
Either way, he opened the e-mail and filtered through my ramblings and actually seemed to understand what I was saying! :O

His reply:

So anyway my point of this is that I get really happy when famous people actually reply the non famous people.

I mean I barely even said a word to him and he replied my e-mail whereas those brats people seem to be pretending I don't exist...
Maybe they just don't check their e-mail often...
I'm not one to complain about late e-mail replies as I usually only reply a few days after I receive them.
Sometimes weeks.
Or months.

Anyway, because I listened to this fella on the morning breakfast show for RedFm yesterday, I found out his randomness is like slightly toned down from cheer but he's still quite cool.
You guys should go listen to him in the morning!(only for this week)
On normal times, he does the evening shows from 7-10.

But for all you hip hop gangsta walk yada yada rap rap probably won't enjoy the songs so much cause they play a lot of old songs that have so much more meaning and are just so much more about the music than all the popular "music" now. Not like those annoying songs that all sound the same featuring a bunch of booty shaking girls in the back while a pimp sits in the middle and "sings".

So for those of you who have good taste in music,
(And have grown tired of Rihanna's latest single getting repeated on HitzFm 8 times a day)
Try RedFm at frequency 104.9 and then you can listen to Jeremy and understand why I find him awesome! :D

Okay honestly he's not so awesome on radio cause he talks alot less.
He's funnier and cuter in person.

Still, go listen to him!



EDIT: Oh my gosh I just reread my letter to Jeremy again and found out I sound like a super major moron stalker. But I guess that's just what you learn how to be like when you join Stalkers United... xD