Friday, September 26, 2008

Friends :)

Today one of my buddies realized that our group is very similar to the characters in Friends, the sitcom.

hmm.. do we look like them?

Well, there are 3 guys and 3 girls...




Let's compare more, shall we?


Phoebe and Yau

Phoebe. Dumb, retarded, plays guitar, thinks she can sing.

Yau. Dumb, retarded, thinks she can sing.

if Yau played the guitar and started writing lame songs,
looks wise too!
seriously, imagine Yau in 20 years, and an image of Phoebe may come to mind.

(haha, yau, I'm just kidding. Don't get offended. ;))


Ross and Jeremy

nerdy, sort of gay-ish.

Jeremy(left). Nerdy(hahahahahahahha. just kidding la, he's very "COOL"), kinda gayish. xD

dun be mad! i'm just kidding!

in looks, just a little bit.
(what? the eyebrows, PEOPLE!)


Chandler and Mallek

Chandler. Cracks lame jokes, likes weird people(janice and monica), funny in his weirdness.

cracks lame jokes, likes weird people(not gonna mention anyone...), funny in his weirdness. :)

Looks: ALOT! The smile and the aura...

Woah! They are VERY alike. :D


Rachel and Cheryl

Rachel. Annoying at times, but lovable in the end, short, pretty.

Cheryl. Very annoying at times, but we love her in the end, midget, pretty in her own way.

The body is SO similar! Midget-ish and petite.

Woah! This is creepy. We are SO similar to the characters of friends!


Monica and Me

Monica. Control freak, used to be obese.

Christine. Well, apparently I'M a control freak, and I'm still obese(or halfway there...).
(I don't think I'm a control freak, though. I just don't like mess.)

Do i look like her at all?
Hmm... the hair texture a bit...


Joey and Jarrod

i saved this for last because i have a nice picture of joey.


(Haha purposely put so i can say jarrod likes cheryl. xD so lame, man...)
Joey(left). Ladies-man, daft, actor, eats like a pig.

Jarrod(most right). Ladies-man(take a look at the girls right next to him!), daft :), actor(he was in school drama!), eats like a pig.

Looks: He got muscles too. Other than that, nada.

But personality wise, he's SOOOOO JOEY!


WOW! Isn't it damn cool how we're so similar to Friends?
I love that show, by the way.
And any other people in our circle of friends not here, you can be Gunther or Janice or some weirdo...

now ciao!