Friday, September 26, 2008

Like pink couture.

The most beautiful thing I have ever smelt.

Scent: A delicate rose bouquet with fresh leafy green top notes

When I close my eyes and sniff this smell, I imagine myself, wrapped in a pink, soft, flouncy and feminine couture dress in the majestic gardens of a quaint, English themed house with delicate pink roses everywhere, smothering me in its elegant smell. There's a tea party, with a mini orchestra playing classical music gently, as I sip on my English tea and nibble on sweet English biscuits while enjoying the entrancing and beautiful aroma and the soft, fluent music. Then, I enter the house, with light wooden floors and white wood furniture, the wood smell combining with the rose smell to make an indescribable, pleasant odor which makes me feel completely relaxed, at ease and undoubtedly happy. White lacy curtains hang from white bordered windows on white walls. The sunlight streaming in and the cool gentle breeze blows in the scent of the roses and I enjoy this sweet, delicate, elegant and graceful smell.

Sorry for the long rant but this scent smells so good that I couldn't help myself from describing the smell. And how did I find out about the existence of this perfume?

Well, today was supposed to be Puan Lee's last day, so obviously Yau Hui Min, who is like, her favourite student, brought a care package with a box of expensive chocolate cakes, a thank you card, a letter, personally hand-written by Hui Min to Puan Lee in a matter of ten minutes to express her gratitude and hopes and ya-da ya-da, and....

Crabtree & Evelyn Rose Water Scented Drawer Liners.

And unfortunately, Puan Lee did not come today as she had already gone to her new Bukit Bintang school. So I enjoyed the aroma the whole day. AND YOU CAN SMELL IT FROM HALF A CLASSROOM AWAY. SO GOOD!

The whole day, I was breathing in the smell like it was some kind of drug... Hmm.. who knows? Maybe there's some form of chemical in it to make people addicted to its smell... Then again, I'm the only one in our group of friends to like it SO much.

Anyway, if any of you are stumped on what to give me as a present at my birthday or on Christmas, just buy me this scent!