Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh no, we're doomed.

I have really sad news...

Puan Lee Tsock Wah is transferring school. According to my sources, tomorrow is her last day. Do you know what that means?? We're doomed. Any hope of bringing our school back to its glorious days, back when Puan Liu Ling Ling reigned, is gone. Our last, biggest hope... is leaving...

Her Contributions

For those of you who do not know Puan Lee, she is the one of the Penolong Kanan of SMK BUD(4). Though not without vices, she made a heck of a contribution to our little school. She supported and encouraged all the different and cool activities that the students of the school had wanted to take part in. She WAS Blitzerz(SMK BUD(4)'s school cheerleading team)'s number one fan until recently. She heavily supported a society, Malaysian Model United Nations(MYMUN), in which our school was the only non-international school participating. These and more contributions have given Puan Lee Tsock Wah a place in many of the students of SMK BUD(4)'s hearts despite her crude words at times, which were only shouted for our own good.

Shall i speak metaphorically?

A school is like a tree,
The students are its roots,
Without the roots,
The tree will surely fall and die.

Puan Lee is like the leaves,
Taking in the sunshine, feeding the tree life,
Without the leaves,
The tree will surely die.

Base: I stole a little from Sejarah Form 1 Text Book, Ending of Chapter 4... (see, me no steal credits!)

Hmmm... Shall i push it?
In reference to another person:

SHE is like a parasite on the tree,
Sucking all life from the tree,
As the tree wilts and starts to die,
No harm becomes of the parasite.
But because of the parasite,
The tree will surely die.

Aren't I poetic? But I'm seriously voicing my true opinions her. When Puan Lee is gone, there will be havoc. "Parasite" (yes, lets call her that for now.) will bring down the school, its clean and good reputation will be crushed. Noone will want to enroll anymore. The standards will have dropped so badly.

Is all hope loss?

Laying out my options in a worst case scenario:

Stay in sucky school.

Well, this would suck because everyday I have to see parasite's face.

Change school

This would be sad thing for me to do too, despite the fact that this would rid me of my horrible reputation in SMK BUD(4). After all, change is ALWAYS hard. But here would be my choice schools:

Option 1: SMK Damansara Utama

And why not? It has a good reputation(well, good enough.). It's spacious. It's co-curicullum is good. It's pretty. And best of all, all my friends are attending this school so there would be no nervous, making friends problem, unless, of course, all my friends decide they don't want to friend me... :(
haha. Sounds so primary-ish.

Option 2: SMK BUD(1)

Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of this school because whenever I type its name, my CURRENT school pops up. Anyway, this is the school down the road from my house which means it's in walking distance. PLUS point! And I know the headmisstress is Puan Hasni, one of SMK BUD(4)'s former headmisstress so I know she's not a racist b*****.
Sorry, I don't mean to be offensive.

Option 3: SMK BUD(3)

The school by KBU. Also has no image results with Google. Changing to this school would make my brother DAMN happy. His old BFF goes here. haha. And it IS quite a good school. That's why there's so much rivalry between us (SMK BUD(4) still rocks harder!). And I can walk to Centrepoint after school! A downgrade from 1 Utama, Curve, Ikano Power Centre, and other shopping destinations, but still, better than nothing.




yes, I can do that!
Gonna recall happy moments with Puan Lee:

Just last Monday, Christine goes up to take her NSW Science Paper and Puan Lee says, "At least you do something good for yourself and stop talking!" then smiles brilliantly. hahaha. I laugh like crap walking back(I didn't trip!). Puan Lee never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

Every performance or event, you see Puan Lee doing HER smile, so happy-like and just looking... Puan Lee-ish.

Mid-year, Puan Lee and her entourage, come specifically to our class to change our places because we are SOOOOOO NOISY!

"EEEH!!!" The sound only Puan Lee does when she comes around the corner while you're being naughty. But don't worry, people. If you miss it, you can ask Ryan for a VERY good immitation of it!

All the story-telling about her kampung days and ghosts sometimes. Almost everyone in our school has heard at least one story, I'm sure.

"Hui Min!" The way Puan Lee says it is so funny. :)

Speaking of Hui Min, the way Puan Lee can mark Hui Min's paper with zero errors when all I see on the page is mis-spelling the most easy words, and then marking everyone else strictly. I'm not being jealous, I'm being honest.

Puan Lee forces the whole of 1 Teratai (2007) to go for Cheer 2007 and shows up with a shirt and banner too!

For those and other ridiculously fun times with Puan Lee, let us rejoice for at least meeting such a life changing, vivacious(I've been wanting to use that word for ages!!) person.

This may be the WEIRDEST post I have posted in my short history of posting, but heck, it was fun!


P.S. I hope a flag pole falls and squishes "YOU KNOW WHAT". Hint: It's ugly and racist.
or maybe a giant piano... Anything as long as it dies.
Oh yes and its going away for 2 weeks! YESSS!