Sunday, July 5, 2009

B-L-I-T-Z-E-R-Z! Blitzerz the best to be!


Winning Routine! :D
P.S. I'm in the supporters holding the 2nd T! :D

The year I didn't bring my Champions sign, we actually get champions!

Do Not Read If You're Not an Idiot:
Stop shouting, Christine, you won't be able to sing for malam bakat!
Which reminds me, who has a white scarf I can borrow? xD


I was preparing to be disappointed again because when would you actually expect BLITZERZ to get first?
NEVER! Not first! At least 2nd after that 20 something place-stint in 2007!

I'm not trying to be a downer but seriously, I bet you all didn't expect it too!
And by a landslide 39 marks!!!!

Because when I came to SMKBUD(4) in 2007 and saw Blitzerz, I thought,
"Hey! We're pretty awesome!"
Oh, how naive...

And I honestly thought we had a chance of getting into the top 5.

And that was the year we got 20 something... :(
But we had the most awesome supporters!
10 cramped up buses!
And led by the almighty, famous Justin Yong!
(who is a liar, by the way... he said on facebook he wasn't showing up but there he was in the flesh!)

And now I'm gonna provide colourful pictures of this whole cheer 2009 event so you ditchers can all you wish you were there. :D

P.S. To the ditchers:

Haha! Now we get McDonalds and Starbucks vouchers!!!

Who ask you not to come?
Ditchers: "Oh I got tuition...."
You don't need tuition to do well in PMR la, dummies!
In fact, tuition makes you dumber!
Anyway, padam muka for not coming! It was the bomb!

Anyway, pictures!
Be warned, my pictures are taken on the worlds worst camera accompanied by my horrible photography skills as well as my blog's url to prevent people stealing my pictures.
Though, why would anyone want to steal it in the first place?
Oh well, I'm just following in the ways of my photography sifu, Yau! xD

I get fascinated by the smallest things.

In this case, it's the fact that yau's hair looks blue because of the curtains!
This bus supports blitzerz too!
Seriously, it's magic!
We didn't have blue paint at all this year...

Our awesome responsible bus leader, abigail!

And jeremy, the unseen other bus leader.

- insert J. Tang's hottest picture here -

Who is awesome too! :D

After a boring un-semangat-ed bus ride....
(No one shouts like they used to anymore...)

We reach the awesome stadium! :D

Oh the excitement! 1 year awaiting this spectacular weekend!
Hello there, long lost friend.

It's great to be back for another year of heavy duty supporting!

Though, this year, i have made a pact to sing support instead of shout.
That's the only way to not damage my voice for Malam Bakat.

That makes me sad... :(
No screaming? Possible for a Blitzerz Die Hard?

(sorry, overused picture... I just love remembering that year... xD)

And yea, it didn't work.
I got too excited and forgot.
Especially when we were announced winners!!! XD

BB = Bunny Boy

Ohmigosh I love this picture! He looks like a zombie bunny! :D

The two wobbly Bs from behind!

If it really does stand for Big Boobs like Jarrod says it is, why are all my flat friends wearing it?
Sorry, Jarrod, but truth is... You ARE flat...

Looking at their many camwhore pictures...

Idiots thought it was fun to camwhore in their own corner while I...
actually, what WAS I doing???

Every year, clothes and make-up is a big contributing factor to the team's performance.
Or so I think.
Well, it should be!
This is cheerleading! Not rugby!

So, let's check out some interesting new stuff everyone came up with! :D

Nickname: Cheezels!
Can you see why?

The great studying aids! Highly used worldwide in practically every type of textbook you can imagine.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm hinting at a highlighter! :D
It's not an insult, it's cool that you guys are into studies!!!

Ohmigosh, I love Calyx!!!

They're my new favourite good team to support!
(they achieved 3rd place and best outfit! :D)

Actually, the point of these particular candids are to focus on their super sparkly skirts!
And also their beautiful eye make-up! (2nd place for make-up)

Nice shoelaces!

Another team which had a good shot of winning best make-up or outfit was vivacious!

They're so sparkly!
I have a weakness for shininess! xP

Ember has cool make up and hair!

That must have taken hours at the least...


Actually, this is only here because I happen to have a picture with Jowynna.
Pssst! I love you, darling, whether you get last or first! :D
Hey for a newcomer team, not bad! xD
Now I get to show off my awesome shirt at the same time!
(and my Bs! Check out my Bs!!!!)

Crazy hair.

Dazzle really dazzles.
Hmm... what else rhymes with dazzle? xD

I think this is Zealous.

We all had alot to say about their oriental gladiator like skirts...
But I like the gold band! :D

Why are cheerleaders all so sparkly?

And where's that awesome SilkyGirl sparkle spray I had from last year?
They didn't ask who wanted hugs this year... :(


Honestly, guys, what does this look like to you?
Hint: superman wears it on the outside too!

The super most annoying team ever.
The cetak rompak Blazers.

You copy our colours, name so similar, you do the same ending pyramid, your supporters sit next to us, and you can't cheer.

Blitzerz will forever be so much better!!!!

The original Bs awesome make-up by Clara.

2nd runner up to the stupid Blazers's blue Zorro mask.
The Blorro!

Our event could only be made fun with the help of good emcees!

Jeremy & Jien.
Their clothes match too! xD

I do not know the significance of this person...

But I know Yau thinks he's hot.
When you take away the lala-ness, I do too. xD

Now for everyones favourite judge, Santwon!
(did I spell that right?)

We know you do, Santwon! xD
He kept coming to us and waving our flag la!
He has to love us!
Oh and he gave us first too!
A sure sign of love! xD

Super speed taken picture.

We all look a little weird except for Santwon who forever looks cool! :D

I found my new favourite emcee.

Look his hair has a bit of blue (for blitzerz!) for some reason! No photoshop used! I swear!
This is Jeremy Teo.

He replaced Jien in my favourite emcee list because:

a) He's not an arrogant nincompoop.
If you are Soo Kui Jien and you are reading this, YES I'm reffering to YOU because you ARE. The fact that you found this is probably proof that you Google yourself which, though I do it myself too, is NOT COOL! You are seriously rude and you ignore everyone who tries to talk to you. Though you don't deserve to be called fat(I know cause I hugged you last year), you deserve to be called other mean things.
Like meanie... :(

b) Ohmigosh he's so hyper!
I have never met anyone so bouncy and happy! When I say bouncy, I mean it in a literal sense. Seriously, he hopped along the stage at some points! I'm going to add lame in the cute way under this subtopic too. He's so adorable the way he talks and humbles himself and I'm sure anyone who meets him will say the same. I have proof in the form of a bunch of form 1 girls that were gushing and talking about him excitedly. :D

d) There are many other reasons but if I mention them all, you'd probably fall asleep reading this post (if you haven't already done so).


Look a dancing couple!

Jien steals the woman.

The woman prefers inanimant object to Jien...

Sorry, Jien just annoyed me today...

Let's stop talking about annoying things and move on to other lighter topics.
Like the awesome crowd! :D

Who only came on the second day!

Thank you for being unsupportive, Xavier! You gave us chance! :D

There's nothing cooler than the sight of guys in pink!

I really love Calyx team!
While we were waiting in the bus, they passed by and we did the call me thing!

ALOT of them did it back! :D
Being retarded is fun! Form 5s did it too! Don't call me immature!

My sign inspires :D

This is our awesome gang.
(missing abigail!)

Future Scream Team? :D

Do not buy their horrid popcorn no matter how glazed it looks!

It's actually burnt! They trick you!!! It's not sweet at all!

And do not ride in the bus home with this teacher!

She discourages singing!
And we're singing TO her!
Even if she doesn't know it her self...

Abigail: "Hahahahahah! GTA! Haha!"
JJ: "PS2 Games PS2 Games! Hahahahahahahahha!"

That's all I caught...

Second day our semangat rise alot because we had paint!
Even though I didn't take it, I brought it up! xD
My idea! I'm the iniator! Let me into scream team next year!!!!
Hahahahaha! xD

It's no wonder I get Cs for art.

C for Christ-ine la.

Look! I made good use of Abigail's callafare finger!
(I have no idea how that's supposed to be spelt!)


Before the Lady Gaga make-over xD
Somehow that blue hair light thing has happened again...

I'm about to say something that everyone knew for a long time.

Cheryl is such an idiot.
She peeled the styrofoam from our attack sign and put it on a STRANGER'S hair.

And you thought I was dumb!

But I guess I still am. xD

Us and the Dynamite!
Look at the sign!!!!

Look at my Lady Gaga-ness lightning face!!!

Somehow, instead of a stupid picture, everyone did the hot picture pose.
So I look like an idiot. As usual...

Testing the height of Jowynna.

My body is like 40% shorter cause I'm bending down.
Jowynna is standing relatively straight.
What does that tell you? :)

Our supporters are dead-ish when unknown teams with unknown songs perform...

This guy is a victim of abuse.

Seriously, before I took his picture, a girl assaulted him and added more sparkles for his face...

I applaud him for being sporting though! :D

Ah... The men in pink... :D

Illegal Immigrant in the Blitzerz vicinity...

This guy has nice hair... xD

If you look at the back section, you can see nicola & chuen.
Nicola is our lovely form 5 leader person.
I think.
She seems to take charge so...
We'll just listen to her! :D

Stompers are geniuses.

They got half-naked men to replace the good old fashioned signboard.
From far, they look like they have a bad case of hairy chest syndrome.
Like a really, REALLY bad case.

If you zoom it super close, you can see they say stompers! :D

We should do this too!
As long as noone obese tries this stunt!

As the day draws to the end, you must feed yourself with essential things to cure your voice! :D

Like the very much loved, honey!!!
quoting abba: Honey, honey, how you thrill me! :D

Guess whos mouth this
is? :)
Don't think it's me, I don't wear braces...

By the time we get back to school, it's dark...

Woah, that's late.

Stupid traffic!

Anyway this marks the end of our cheer adventure...
Why is it only 2 days???!!!!
I love cheer, it is the most awesome experience ever!!!
In fact, sometimes I think supporting may be a lot more fun than cheering! xD
I'm yet to be proven wrong...
I'm so happy I got to be a part of this school and show all the other schools what really matters...


And we get to walk back to school tomorrow with our heads held up high!


Anonymous said...

the guy that you said ''I do not know the significance of this person...''..
he is one of TITANS and EMBEr coach..
EmBER is TITANS junior team..
he is thailand cheerleader..
a cute guy..

Punk Chopsticks said...

Ahahaha Oh wow and did you join Cheer this year s' well? Lol just passing through some malaysian blogs and i gotta agree, Jeremy is really really nice! heeeeeeee

Ok, so i know how annoying this is but as a self certified ammature blogger, I gotta pimp my blog a bit. So if u like words and zombies and life n stuff then check it out?