Friday, July 17, 2009


Check it out!

Facebook seems to know my friends! :D

Hello friends!

Today I'm going to let you find out what it is like on the inside of The Club.
Which club, you say?

@ Bukit Utama!

Yes, I finally joined a club so that I can brush up on my swimming and hopefully not drown the next time I try to do freestyle. (not happening)

Anyway, this club is mainly for the people who want to work out and stuff not enjoy the food and other special priviledges the club members get.

It's not that pretty but since it's so darn cheap, it's okay!

It costs my whole family rm1800 for the whole year!
That's way better than those other annoying clubs that demand starting pay as well as monthly fees!

So anyway, if you were thinking of joining this club, here are some pictures to help you make your all important decision.

The pictures are also a chance for me to camwhore and bug people! :D

Anyway, upon arriving at the club, you must head to the reception!

Look how shiny it is.

There all the nice people will help you out and direct you to your suites stuff.

Or you can just observe the signboards.

Either way, you have to pay, so go to the reception first!

The road for the golf-goers?

I have no idea what ish this!!!

The very boring scenery.

Wow! Apartments! =.=

For the people only interested in the swimming and gym...

Not GREAT but it'll do. :)

Gym building.

Random part of the club.
I think it may be a school or something...

Look how long the pool is!

I pity the cleaners...

Fear not, short people, you will very unlikely drown here.

Even Cheryl can stand up in this pool...

The people who are swimming would get into the pool by means of this conveniently located metal thing.

Somehow I do not know what it's called!

The people not swimming can only enjoy the feel of the cool water on their feet...



From what I can see, the water looks awesome... :D

Something about the sun makes everything seem prettier. :)

Anyway, before you take a dive in the pool, you must make sure you keep all your things safe and change out of your boring day clothes into your hot new swimsuit.

Where at?

The bathroom!

With lockers!!!

And of course mirrors!

So we can continue the girl legacy of camwhoring.

And who am I to stop this long-lived tradition?

Following 2 pictures are a continuation of each other.
Used high speed shutter.


I hearts my new dress!
Bought from Love It for rm 30 something by the way!

It has the most gorgeous flower patterns!

So ngam with the colours of the pool area!

Haha! That was not intentional!

More things, besides that adorable sea horse, for the kids at heart!

The most fantabulous awesome slide ever!!!

So many turns!
What kid would want to ride that thing??

Me apparently!

But it's quite slow actually.

And you have to climb stairs to get up to it.


That shot was seriously an accident.
You can see my finger at the corners of the picture. :D

Anyway, this thing is just awesome.
I love it! :D

The classic thingamjiggy.

It's so famous, even the science centre has one!

Remember oh, ex-2 Mataharians?

I watch in envy as my parents swim around.

I inherit my mother's lousy talent at swimming.

Boredness makes me take all the random pictures you are about to see next!
Woohoo! :D

Reflection from outer wall of the bathroom! :D

Bright flower.

No doubt, these are exclusive to tropical countries.
Right? :)
Malaysia is SPECIAL!

I blend in with the flowers when I turn into a shadow!

Spot me!!!

Corridor to nowhere.

Nowhere of use at least...

Calla fair leaf sticking out of nowhere.

Well, it's a pretty leaf... :D


Mummy and daddy out of the bathroom and in their normal clothes?

Oh no! That means it's time to leave!

I'm so sad to leave my club.
Especially without going for a dip.

Capturing my stalker on camera!

See that weird girl with the huge white bag?
She follows me wherever I go!
Even in the bathroom!!!

Anyway, on to the extremely annoying parking system that takes 2 centuries to complete.

Ah well.
It's all in the name of security.


Thank you for reading.
You know you want to join this club now and make me less bored and have friends to play with right? :)

Goodbye, my friend.