Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christine's boating adventure

and other random stuff i want to blog about today.

Yesterday, my uncle, as kind as he is, brought me, my brother, my dad and my other uncle, on his boat yesterday.

Oh yes, and his children too.

No, it's not those huge yachts that those freakishly rich people have, it's just slightly bigger than your average speedboat.

Speaking of speed, did I mention it goes super fast?

It goes so fast my eyes hurt and I'm scared to take pictures of it in motion in fear of dropping my camera.

See, even my dads hat can drop off.

What's new?

Made for speed.

If your planning on buying a speedy boat, you should totally get one with this motor!

Anywho, his boat is docked at some selangor yacht club or something which is very close to pelabuhan klang which is why you can see lots of cranes and ships in the vicinity.

Some of the other rich people's much bigger private yachts.


Before we started moving though, I got my brother to take a picture of me to prove that I was there and not stealing these pictures from the internet.

Yes, I know, I don't even look like I'm in a boat if it weren't for the the life jacket.

My brother got to drive the yacht.

Lucky bugger.

After much cruising around, we stayed at one spot to relax...

And cloudwatch!

My brother with my cousin, Zhou-E.

Plus teach little kids to camwhore :D

nice sunglasses...

How nice it is to have your own boat... :(

Oh well...

Anyway, after our boating adventure, I went to dinner with some other cousins.

But... Whoopsie!

Caught in the same shirt!
Don't we look like brother and sister? xD

Another unglam shot of joel and me.

What he does, I will never understand...

Never ever waste food or tissue paper...

Unless you're kimberly, of course.

Environment hater.

Just kidding. Jangan sensitive ;)

Then suddenly Christine started telling her cousins how cool it is to take a picture of someone when everything around him is moving so that person looks relatively clearer. So they started moving so they would be blurs and not be in the picture.

Little did they know, that I suddenly switch my camera to record mode. :D

Seriously, they were totally unaware of the fact that I was videoing.


No matter how much you hate me for this cousin, I love you all :D

And I know you all love me too!
Right? Right? :D