Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clearing up some confusions

Warning: this post has no pictures. AH!!!!

Confusion number first:

What happen to your blog URL?

I don't know if you've noticed that my blog's URL is now
which to some people, myself included, is a really weird url considering my old one was so perfect. :D

Well, the reason is because some people I don't want to read my blog found my blog.
And the reason I don't want them to read my blog is probably because I talk bad about these particular people indirectly.

So when thinking of a new URL, i thought...

"Hey! If people asked me what I change my blog URL to, I can say
"not" "

And they'll be...

"I know that! But what's your blog URL???!!"

Then I'd laugh.
Yea that would be really farnee :)

Confusion number 2:

Why does a girl like you who was so obsessed with pink, suddenly change the whole colour scheme of your blog to carrot?

The reason, my friend, is because I was getting sick of pink.


No, actually I was just colouring my art one day and there was a carrot in the picture and i thought...

"Hey, my carrot is damn adorable! I just realized... Carrot is a nice colour!"

And then on forth, I like the colour Carrot!
I still like pink, though. This is just a phase.

Another reason I'm gonna persist in liking carrot is because I know Cheryl really hates the colour. Maybe it's because I'm feeling a rebellious streak after realizing me and cheryl have so much in common(read next confusion).

Confusion number 3

Why is such a nice girl like you best friends with a mean bimbo like Cheryl?
Hahaha. Okay I may have exaggerated a little there.

Firstly, honestly I think me and yau actually passed our bimbo-ness to Cheryl because I only noticed her bimbotic-ness halfway through last year. Before that, I recall her scolding us for being bimbo, though she did not use the exact word.

Back to the main point, me and cheryl have compiled and ever growing list of our similarities, which is probably why we get along so well.

Christine Kuan Hui Ann & Cheryl Anne Lee May Lynn's many similarities

we're both girls
we're both caramel (mixed parentage)
we both have names that start with "C"
we both have retarded noses
we both have wavy hair
we both love pink
we're both Catholic Christians.
we both love Charlie
we both love magical stuff
we both like singing "cool songs" (like the little mermaid, stand by you and christmas songs of every variety)
we both like bursting out into song during school
we both like guys for their hair
we both like mature older mixed parentage guys
we both like very classy things (like Blair Waldorf)
we both like English-oriented style
we both like Phantom of the Opera
we both like Gossip Girl
we both like Ed Westwick
we both like the Little Mermaid
we both like Christmas
we both like singing
we both are in choir and carolling
we both have sinus problems
we both like cheerleading
we both learn Electone
we both like classical music
we both have alot of weird dreams we believe have meaning
we both don't really like Rihanna
we both are psycho
we both are bimbo
we both act dumb and stupid
we both love to skip
we're both quite smart (Not perasan. We're in first class aren't we?)

This list is still growing as we compiled it in one period of I think sejarah.

Isn't that freaky? So many things in common.
No wonder we're friends!

Anyway I'm glad I cleared all that up, now I can rest in peace.
CHOI! Sound like dying only!