Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Spring!

Though this fact does not affect the weather in Malaysia much, with this season, comes a certain celebration that little kids like me look forward to every year.

Guessed it yet? No?
Lemme give you a hint!

It starts with a C and ends with a hinese New Year.

It's Chinese New Year!

Angpows, new clothes, gambling and just seeing my dumb cousins...
So many reasons to love this season!

Unfortunately, before we can enjoy it, another inevitable part of Chinese New Year is...



Though most of you are lucky enough to have maids to sweep your floor, clear your stuff, wash your clothes, wipe your ass, etc., so spring cleaning comes and goes and you don't even realize.

(I am NOT referring to Yau.)

Me on the other hand? NO.
I have to throw away all the clutter in my room so I can maneuver my fat ass in.

So first things first, the stuffed toys lying in the corner of my room, need a bath as they have been sitting there for half a year letting dust just settle on their ugly beautiful faces.

And also cause Yau touched them the other day and I don't want them getting rabies.

10 in the morning.

12 in the afternoon.

And i didn't manage to finish drying them that day either. They're just really absorbent!

One of my newest and favouritest toy...

Qing wa!
(that's froggy in Chinese. Aren't I smart? :D)

My carpets need washing too. But I was scared that they wouldn't dry fast enough so...

I improvised!

Smart right? :D

During my clean up, I also found things that are really NOT supposed to be there.

A test paper.

But not just any test paper...


And it's also Jarrods.

And also...

A Sivik book! AHHHHHHHHHH!

But its not just an ordinary sivik book...

It's a form 1 sivik book!

What? Why isn't it thrown away yet?

Cause it's not mine, stupid!
yea, it's Yau's.

So anyway, after hours of waddling in my clothes, papers, and other random things that I keep in my room...

This is the FINAL RESULT!

Woah! Isn't that neat?

Well, for my room, it's really clean because usually there are magazines, clothes baskets with unfolded clothes, old testpapers, stationary and other random stuff scattered all over my floor. Even my bedsheet is new and my bed is made!

Its spotless! :)

Ignore that!

And that!

Anyway, did I mention yesterday was my daddy's bday? :D
So we has a dinner at Shogun, the buffet place at OneUtama.

My dad being bloated.

And when we came home, we ran in the house ahead of him turned off all the lights and suprised him with a cake!

No!!! You can't see his shocked expression!

My dad with his cake. :)




Shyn Cheah said...

woman! so neat your room! can i hire you to spring clean my house!

i forgot to wish your dad happy birthday! bah! >.<